VIDEO: Los del Río “Macarena”

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Renegado takes a break from his usual format with a music review! In this case, he talks about a little-known song from the ’90s that may or may not have had its own dance craze. And somehow, he convinces several of his fellow Agony Booth reviewers to dance the Macarena for him. On camera.

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  • Dem one hit wonders and dance crazes! Sometimes interchangeable, always cheesy (dance crazes, not so much one-hitters, but they do leave an impression on people even if it’s a bad one. I have danced Gangnam Style and hell, even the Cha Cha Slide in my lifetime (hey, the former’s a guilty pleasure and the second’s a great workout, even if it’s only for four minutes and I go back for another drink!) but I have NEVER danced the Macarena!
    I’ve been around since it was first released and I haven’t felt the urge once to dance it. Maybe it was the fact that it got so big that everyone and their world leaders were doing it and it just seemed like a dance on a loop, but I just can’t stand it. Not even the infectious energy of the Boothers will get me to do it. Personal preference on my dance crazes and a childhood full of shit pop music I guess.

  • Sofie Liv

    I should do a music review soon… I have no idea if you actually play any instruments Jerry, but as far as I am aware. I am the only one able to actually read and write sheet music on this site..

    And I hope you are happy now, you managed to make all of us look ridicoulus.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Aww, y’all didn’t look ridiculous – you looked like you were having fun.

      great review, Renegado, by the way.
      Oh, and while we’re on topic – wasn’t there this other song that was complete and utter nonsense?
      Las Ketchup Song? ^^ Remember this? ^^

      I think, every decade has its cheesy, nonsensical song – this time it was “gundam style”, I am curious, what next decade has in store for us. ^^

      • Yup, the infamous Ketchup Song (Asereje) which was hilariously called satanic by religious groups xD I actually made a video on it, not sure if I’ll post it on the booth, but in the meantime you can check it out here:

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          “Satanic”? Okay, I watched the video and – quite good. Just one question: “Guinan” is Spanish or Mexican for “Guide”?

          • “Guían” yep, it’s spanish for “guiding”, but only in the plural third person; as in “they’re guiding”…spanish is complicated sometimes…

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Ah – so not “Guinan” – has nothing to do with the name of Whoopie Goldbergs Character in TNG – but it would have been an awesome explenation.

            And no problem – I don’t speak spanish, I only know “Si” “no” “Cervesa”… but then, that is all I know in russian “Da, nyed, nasdrovye” and in Japanese I only know “Kawaii”…
            So – my language sklills are pretty much limited to english, german (which is no big deal, I am german) and a bit of french. ^^

            But “Asereje” and “Macarena”… boy what did german comedians spoof it.
            Macarena was spoofed either in “Ehhhhhh Margarine” with the everawesome “Meine Parties wollten damalse nie klappen – hatte Frau zu mir gesagen Jammerlappen – heute sage ich da nur parpalapappen” (My partys never worked back in the days, my wife called me a moanbag – today I just say “Pish posh”) or “Neee, mir kann keener” (Which is Berlin dialect for “Nein, mir kann keiner” – “I am the best”).

            And “Asereje” was spoofed into the legendary “Steuersong” (Tax-Song) which was also spoofing the then-chancillor Gerhard Schröder. “Ich erhöh euch die Steuern – gewählt ist gewählt, ihr könnt mich jetzt nicht mehr Feuern, das is ja das geile an der Demokreatie” (I raise your taxes – elected is elected, you cannot fire me now, that is the awesome thing about democracy”)…

          • Hahaha, I remember actually watching the Steuersong, weren’t you by any chance the one who shared it to me? It was pretty hilarious even without context, specially because PUPPETS.

            Also, not to be buggy but it’s “Cerveza” xD

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Nope, that was not me. But yeah, the Steuersong was awesome. I just found an english translation to that – via…0.0…1c.1.7.psy-ab.7-ZSXt4cgxI&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44342787,d.Yms&fp=23ad83ba130b06d6&biw=1024&bih=605

            And concerning the Cerveza – yeah, like I said, I speak spanish like a french cow. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh god! that’s right. I forgot, there was also a Danish group of comedians which made fun of these songs. Particularly “Las Ketchup.” there was some-one making up spoof lyrics to it, and basically made a spoof out of it.

            And since none of us could sing the original version, we went with the Danish Spoof version. But yeah, we did have a “Las Ketchup.” Craze as well back here one day.

    • My job here is done ^_^

      Well, I used to play the flute and guitar…in high school, and I was able to read sheet music too! …in high school.
      Alas, I’m not sure I’d be good on either these days, haha. I’d love to see your take on music reviews though!

      • Sofie Liv

        I probably will one day. And I could just imagine that I would be more technical about it, using such terms as “Crecendo.” “diminiendo.” “Half-beat.” and so on.. beware that day people… Mendo all-ready did nick-name me. “The music snob.” over a year ago… hehe.


        • MichaelANovelli

          I was referring more towards your views on singing styles, but the name still fits… ^_^

    • What music would you review though? I know you love Queen, maybe We Will Rock You (the musical) or the Flash Gordon soundtrack, or perhaps something from Denmark that got quite big. Maybe a look at Aqua, beyond Barbie Girl to see if they were a legit act rather than just a novelty, who knows at this point?

      The only other well-known Danish musicians I can think of off the top of my head are The Cartoons (sounds awesome but they look like a rockabilly band that came out of Lazytown), Whigfield (the perpetrator of another big 90s disco earworm), Lars Ulrich and King Diamond. That selection ranges from cheesy 90s pop to heavy metal. Diverse to say the least.

  • $36060516

    Good dancing everybody! It was interesting to see the different attitudes of the dancers.

    The only other thing I might have mentioned in this review is the weird fact there was a copycat version on the charts at the same time as the Los Del Rio version by “Los Del Mar” and the Los Del Mar version did almost as well some places. But it’s not critical… good review.

    • I know that! I guess I didn’t feel like covering it since it was never proven, thanks for the info tho!

  • danbreunig

    Really rocking the suit, Renegado! Beware the temptation to leave your husbands, ladies…
    -Memeories of Macarena:
    my neighbor at the time had a few and convinced me to try the Macarena. Wasn’t much of a fan, but I did, and I went through it twice fairly successfully (closest to what Slob was doing), to which he drunkenly toasted me with “You the man, Dan!” To which I responded by playing him half of Metallica’s “Anesthesia” on the bass–and he responded the same way. Hey, I’ll still take it!
    -Hm, Renegado and Mendo and Sofie doing something musical together–sounds vaguely familiar…;)
    -On a little more serious note, Jerry–I just read recently that earlier today there was a decent sized earthquake in southern Mexico (that’s all the article said, no real specific location). I trust it wasn’t in your neighborhood, but still I just wanted to know you’re okay.

    • I wasn’t aware of it, I’m fine, I live in a quake free zone, so I mostly worry about hurricanes more.

  • Invisible Crane

    I grew up when the Macarena was popular. But at the time I didn’t know how hugely popular it was. All I remember was seeing the music video a lot of times during it’s heyday

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Oh yeah, this song was everywhere in ’96. The US women’s gymnastics team danced to it at the Olympics (in an exhibition, not in actual competition). Al Gore did a great version at the Democratic convention. (“Wanna see me do the Macarena?” *Audience claps.* *Al Gore stands absolutely still for several seconds* “Wanna see me do it again?”) Spy Magazine, in their annual Spy 100 List of the most annoying people, things, or trends of the year, added a special Macarena Bonus to all the other competitors if they could in some way be linked to the dance. I usually don’t dance, but I did do the macarena, at a party, after I had a drink or ten and a cute girl basically pulled me out onto the dance floor. Good times, good times. Thanks for the little blast of nostalgia, Jerry. And thanks to all the Boothers who danced in the video.

  • Zachary LaVoy

    Let this be a lesson kids. Always read the FINE PRINT in any contract you sign. It’s bad enough I owe my first born to Mendo…

  • MephLord

    The 80s had the Thriller dance, the 70’s had the Saturday Night Fever dance, the 60s had the Loco-Motion…you get the idea.

  • FullofQuestions1

    Apart from my Weird Al hair, this was great, Jerry!