Lucifer Under Fire from the Right


In what, sadly, hardly qualifies as news, thousands of right-wingers are once again protesting a piece of entertainment. In this case, it’s FOX’s planned fantasy series Lucifer, set to air next year. Meanwhile, in the real world of things about which to be morally outraged, there’s a huge wealth/income gap between the rich and poor in America, one in three black American men go to prison in their lifetimes, and millions of women worldwide are forced into prostitution every year.

But, about that show. Based on Neil Gaiman’s comic series of the same name, it tells the story of the devil himself, who has left Hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles. Around 12 thousand people have signed a petition started by the conservative group One Million Moms, urging FOX to cancel the series, which hasn’t even begun yet. (Twelve thousand, one million — what’s the difference? Close only counts in petition signatures and annual income!)

What’s the protesters’ beef? It seems they believe the show portrays Lucifer as “likable.” Who? That old devil? The light-bringer, the morning star, the Son of the Dawn himself? Wrong again, ladies. The Lord made him likable; FOX just made him a television star.

Comic book vs. TV... Eh, close enough

Comic book vs. TV… Eh, close enough

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