Love Us Today Love Us Tomorrow: Happy Nice Time People Dot Com Is Here To Meet Your Every Need

ATTENTION HUMANS. Your HappyNiceTimePeople is here, to bring you joy and Nice Times and dumb bullshit about, like, Marky Mark and whatever. Don’t like Mark Wahlberg? Then get the fuck out! YOU ARE NOT THE CHANGE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

But, you are asking yourself, is this site really going to be happy, and nice time? Well, probably not. Even when we are really truly trying for nice, we tend to end up calling people cunts and motherfuckers and hating everything anyone tries to do that is good and nice for the world. But we figured might be bad for advertising.


So who are we? Well we are the big shining brains behind, which is news and politics and very rude things. I am Rebecca Schoenkopf, your evil overlord, and Lisa Needham is some lady I yell at in our secret chatcave. She used to be known as “Snipy,” back when she was scratching away for us from her government-issue mimeograph machine in the wilds of … Minnetonka? Is that right? Ho ho ho, like it matters, FLYOVER COUNTRY.

Also there will be other people who write for us. And they will write about … things! Things you like, like movies and teevee and food and fashion and … sports? Cars or something? FEELINGS? Sure! They will write about their “feelings.” Hahahaha, no they won’t. Unless their feelings are about why they are mad that Rhoda was considered the ugly one, because “Jew.”

So bookmark our shit and stalk our Twitter and thumb-up our Faceybook and then come back here for everything you need to know to be a Civilized Human Bean.

Rebecca Schoenkopf
Imperial Overlord

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