What does your love of Clara on Doctor Who say about you?

doctor who 8.11 clara on phone

What does your favorite Doctor Who companion say about you? Cracked claims to know the answer. Let’s see what they say about people who like Clara best…

You don’t like Doctor Who. Where would one point to explain why she is their favorite? Unlike the upcoming entries, where there are distinct characteristics of love, empathy, or competence, Clara is simply “plucky, cute girl.” She should star in a Nickelodeon show called She’s So Clara, not travel with The Doctor. And unlike the other entries, I can’t tell a lot about your psychology from your love for her, beyond the fact that you relate to cute vapid stuff that sucks. If there actually is someone out there who is a fan of the show, knows all the reboot episodes, and loves Clara most of all (and not for masturbatory purposes), I encourage you to explain why in the comments. Tell us what she represents for you. After all, if being a Whovian means understanding that even The Doctor can learn from humanity, we should be able to learn from ourselves.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

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