Lovable Email of the Day: Avocado Emoji Campaign

Lovable Email of the Day: Avocado Emoji Campaign

An avocado wrote us an email, and this is what it said.

Hi, Sara,

There is no avocado emoji, and this is a problem for both culture and tech, and maybe also sportsball and sideboob, which avocado has no idea what they are.

A Twitter search for “avocado emoji” reveals daily pleas from good-hearted humans. It shows that humans wish to accord avocados the equal rights to emoji representation we are happy to see humans enjoy, as long as they look like one of these mostly white people, so maybe there is even more work to be done after avocado’s emoji becomes available.


Avocado has campaigned for human rights such as the right to marry without bigoted interference, the right to enjoy an unencumbered and non-objectified life as a woman or girl, and the right to waste avocado by smashing it into your hair if you really feel you need to do that, so it is in the hope of mutual cooperation on this important issue that avocado writes to you today.

Thank you for your time.

enjoyer of happy nice times
avocado emoji avocadvocate
new official savory fruit of your site?

And here is what we wrote back:

Yeah I am obsessively in love with you now, so get ready to get fucking stalked. You asked for it.

Of course we would be remiss if we did not show some love to @RealCarrotFacts.

Be it known, here and now, that the avocado is the official savory fruit of this site. Blessed be.

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