Louis C.K. Is Whiter Than Ever In SNL’s ‘Black Jeopardy!’ Sketch (Video)

Hey! SNL did a funny sketch that didn’t drag on forever! “Black Jeopardy!” features Louis C.K. as a “Professor of African American Studies at Brigham Young University.” He’s only slightly more tragically white than Yr Dok Zoom. It’s no Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor in the infamous “Word Association” sketch (“Dead Honky”), but what is? And, OK, it’s not 1975 any more either.


It’s not exactly cutting-edge comedy — black people play “Jeopardy” like this, and a white dude plays “Jeopardy!” like this — but it’s fun, and for Saturday Night Live in its dotage, almost edges up to being as edgy as some of the tamer material on Dave Chapelle’s old show. The interplay between Louis C.K. and Kenan Thompson as host “Alex Treblack” is nice, especially when C.K.’s character chooses the category “White People.” Also, for once in its existence, SNL has a sketch where the black cast members — Thompson, and Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata as the other contestants — carry most of the sketch, though the focus of course is on C.K. as the pale fish belly out of water.

Also, thanks to the comments on Mediaite, I now know that Howard Stern used to do a “Black Jeopardy!” sketch on his radio show, too, though I am not especially motivated to go and look up any examples on the YouTubes. This might be where I’d end with a pithy observation about Race In America In 2014, but the sketch didn’t bother, so neither will I.

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