Louis C.K.’s real life resembles South Park

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You know how everything’s funnier when you’re stoned? You spend an entire hour wondering why the syrup doesn’t come out of Mrs. Butterworth’s boobs because she’s like your surrogate breakfast mother and that would be hilarious and so deep, man. Or you come up with the entire overarching plotline for the fifth season of your TV show only to realize the next morning that it’s all an indecipherable—and unfunny—pile of garbage.


Okay, maybe that last one only happens to Louis C.K.:

CK smoked “a lot of marijuana,” and—struck by inspiration from his dank muse—outlined the entire fifth season in a chemically assisted burst of creativity. He was so excited by what he had produced that he called up FX president John Landgraf—who had clearly forgotten the old rule about never giving your home phone number to stoners or widely celebrated auteurs—and asked to be allowed to film immediately.

For weather and budget reasons, filming immediately meant Season 5 of Louie had to be shortened to only eight episodes, which was probably a relief to Louis C.K. when he realized he had to start from scratch.

Hey, remember when that exact thing happened on South Park, only it was cough syrup instead of pot?

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