Lost in Space (1998) (part 6 of 6)

In some other room where our heroes are being held, Don discusses a plan where he’ll sacrifice himself for John and Will, although Robot can presumably shoot at more than one target. Instead, Young Will walks up to Robot and tells him to listen to his heart, doing a reprise of the whole “meaning of friendship” thing. (I just knew Akiva Goldsman was so proud of this speech that he’d put it in again.) Robot says that he doesn’t have a heart, and Will replies that every living thing does. Since when is Robot a living thing? And whatever happened to that whole “I finished your personality with parts of my own” thing? Did that have any relevance at all? No, I didn’t think it did. Robot rips out the mechanical whatzit that Smith put in him, then says, “Robot will save Will Robinson! Robot will save his friend!” Gag me.

John sends Don back with Young Will while he tries to get the radioactive material. There’s some standard “I’ll stay”, “No, I’ll stay” stuff until Don finally agrees. Don then says they don’t have trackers to find their way back to the ship. Great, you just thought of this now? Before John can reply, Young Will finds a weapon inside of Robot that was made out of his science fair trophy (remember how sharp it was? Now you know why). He gives it to John, reminding him of the spiders. How this thing is supposed to protect against creatures that tough, I have no clue.

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Ryan Lohner

Ryan lives in Sparta, New Jersey, a quaint little burg without much for kids to do except go to the movies. Thus began a lifelong love affair, as even back then he grew to love examining why a film worked, or didn't. He is a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and currently studying for a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. His hobbies include running, piano, and annoying people with that damn lowercase forum user name.

Multi-Part Article: Lost in Space (1998)

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