VIDEO: The Lords of Salem (2012)

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Count Jackula and Horror Guru have a religious experience on the way to see Rob Zombie’s newest film The Lords of Salem starring his wife Sherri Moon Zombie.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    This movie’s imagery is almost as disturbing as the red band Evil Dead trailer I saw a while back.

    • Definitely! =)

    • Jack Shen

      Did you go see it Thomas?

  • Moppet

    Every ounce of what one could hope for burst open and exceeded in glorious and splendidly loving detail.

  • The_Stig

    Faith in Rob Zombie as a film director, restored.

  • Jackie

    I couldn’t get this movie out of my head. It’s certainly something. Also, i never thought i’d hear Mozart in a Rob Zombie movie.

    • Jack Shen

      I know right? I also love how it’s full of scream queens in their 60’s still working it. In particular Dee Wallace.

  • Alexa

    I will give the movie a lot of points for being original, in writing, and being a nice personal and auteur piece from the director, and by the looks of it being gorgeously shot. But I probably won’t see it anytime soon. The problem, I am squeamish as hell. I am so squeamish I have yet to watch The Exorcism. I don’t hate horror, its just hard for me to sit through, especially when religion is involved. Its the drawbacks of being raised somewhat devoutly Catholic. Which is weird because my favorite horror movie is Hellraiser, and that has religious themes in it too, but I guess in comparison it doesn’t seem nearly as overt. Maybe a couple more years of therapy and I’ll get around to watching Exorcism and this.

  • Endorenna

    Hrm…from the trailer, I actually do want to see this movie, even though I’m not into gore/nudity and such…but I am from a conservative Christian background. The ostracism mentioned in the video is one of the things that makes me want to slap half the people I grew up around in church, and it’s quite painful to see so many people driven away by those kinds of “Christians,” the kind who don’t know how to disagree with someone lovingly and instead resort to mouth-frothing hypocrisy. From the review here, it seems like this movie is essentially showcasing that–so I’m fairly certain the film would end with me raging about “Christians” whose nuttiness paints me as one of them since I use the same religious book they do, which prevents me from being able to speak to many people or even just be plain old nice to some people because they’ve already decided I’m “one of those” people…
    Sigh…I’ll probably watch this movie. Sorry, it’s been a rough several days with stuff like ^that, needed to rant a bit.
    Pretty good review. Honestly, I’m hoping the movie doesn’t emphasize explicit anti-religiosity as much as the review seems to say it does, because then it will be an even more uncomfortable viewing experience than horror films usually are for me, haha. Guess I’ll see!

    • Can’t wait to hear what you have to say after you’ve seen it. =)

      • Endorenna

        Unfortunately, that’ll be a couple weeks. :p I’m at a Christian university, and we’re technically not allowed to watch R rated movies here…so after finals I’ll be cramming in a lot of R rated movies at home… including this one… and a few others you’ve reviewed over the past year, come to think of it. That’s the problem with you guys, you keep getting me to want to see all these movies I can’t watch for a few months yet! XD

        All that to say, I’ll post here after I’ve watched this movie, and hopefully liked it.

    • Jack Shen

      I hear you on the conservative Christian background. I too grew up in that environment. It can make you bitter. Here you are, constantly surrounded by people taught to love and forgive. Oh, except for (homosexuals/ abortion doctors/ atheists/ those people not like us), that’s okay to hate and ostracize for some reason. As if they believe God’s love is supposed to come with a prerequisite of hate.

      Geez, I could go on, but I’m sure you know that stuff inside and out too.

      • My dad was actually a Southern Baptist pastor, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Believe me, no one is exposed to the petty bickering an utter lack of humanity present in church communities more than a minister’s family. Combined with the fact that my parents homeschooled me throughout grade school (with creationist curriculum no less) and I’ve spent my entire adult life basically deprogramming myself. In fact I’m a little disappointed I didn’t seem to connect with Lords of Salem the way you guys did. I mean I found it amusing at times in a camp horror way, but it never really spoke to my rebellion and resentment as it seemed to do with you. Oh well.

        • Endorenna

          See, that’s what bothers me about Christians, exactly. I mean, I wasn’t raised in a minister’s family, but I was homeschooled K-12, etc., and my parents weren’t nuts. They taught me that it was certainly not okay to treat a person as somehow sub-human because they were an atheist/homosexual/abortion doctor (in fact, my mother, who homeschooled me, was an OBGYN, so she had many close friends who were doctors who performed abortions).

          Just…I don’t understand how a Christian can claim to genuinely believe in God and Jesus and Jesus dying on the cross and all that, then turn around and forget that his or her own sin had to be forgiven too. The Bible says that in the eyes of God, every sin is equal, so according to God, the (insert whatever the Christian doesn’t like here) is no worse than (insert any unsaved person the Christian doesn’t treat like crap).

          Hell, when I was younger, my parents started running a bus route through a lot of the poorer neighborhoods in our town and brought a lot of kids to church. Then after several months, my family got kicked out because most of the kids we brought were black…because, y’know, every black child my parents brought to church was just dirtying the place up. >_>

          Assholes… though to be fair, once that came to light, many other people in the church left because they found out that their church leaders were, in fact, racist assholes. so the situation still showed that not -all- Christians are horrible people, but that will definitely shape your outlook on Christians in general when you’re younger, haha.

          Drives me nuts to be associated with judgmental, hypocritical people by default…argh.

          Wow, I’m ranting a lot lately. Sorry guys. XD

  • Marshall Oliver Estes

    I am so excited to see this film; I can hardly contain myself. I’m a sucker for good visuals, especially if they mix the grotesque with the beautiful.

    • Then you will most definitely have a good time. =)

      • Marshall Oliver Estes

        Watched it! Absolutely adored (almost) every second of it. Sadly, not many other people in the theaters (granted, it was the last showing on a Tuesday night, but still). I hope this film finds a larger audience. We need more weird, beautiful, movies that don’t rely on resting on the laurels of preexisting film franchises, and instead try to do something that actually makes the audience uncomfortable. I’m glad I watched your review, because I probably wouldn’t have seen this film in the theater (I’ve been ambivalent about Zombie’s filmography)

  • I’ve got to say, you guys are convincing, but I don’t know if this video went any way toward convincing me to watch this movie. Maybe a rental with some friends.

  • option30

    The Devils Rejects was an excellent film , not sure about RZ’s others , I do like his visual style and have done even from his WZ days .

  • chromesthesia

    I just really want to wear that make up out in society. Too bad netflix doesn’t have this in streaming.