VIDEO: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

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The Suspect brings you an epic review of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, a worthy follow-up to The Fellowship of the Ring, and one of the greatest “middle films” of a movie trilogy ever made!

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  • So.. should I be “that guy” who points out that the Terminator series wasn’t a trilogy?

    • Nine Breaker

      It can be if you refuse to acknowledge that Terminator 3 exists and just count 1, 2, and Salvation.

      That’s how I cope with the existence of the Resident Evil movies…

      • Nah, that won’t work, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of both Terminator 3 and 4.

  • maarvarq

    Film Middle Earth has more in common with New Zealand than just scenery. The war dance the Uruk-Hai and orcs do in front of Helm’s Deep is probably meant to be a Haka :-)

  • If anyone thinks the movie’s Ent scenes drag on too long, they can just imagine what those scenes are like in the source book…

    And yet, this one was also attacked for its changes to the book’s story. Faramir’s character is reduced to Boromir II. Frodo and Sam showing up in a conspicuous battle-zone and all but saying, “Hey, enemies! Here’s the Ring that you’ve been desperately seeking!” Elves suddenly deciding to offer help. Theoden undergoing an unsubtle exorcism. Aragorn taking the long scenic route to Helm’s Deep and having an encounter with a psychic projection of Arwen. Elrond acting as extremely fast package delivery.

    The commentaries explain why the compromises were necessary, but the compromises inevitably led to a few nit-picky issues. It’s still a great movie, of course.

  • Jason Withrow

    Not able to load this one, did it get taken down from YouTube? I see it on the Blip channel so I’ll go watch it there but I figured I might as well pass on my tech issues, hope it isn’t happening to anyone else!

    • I swapped it out with the Blip version, so you should be able to watch it here now.

      • Jason Withrow

        Thank you!

  • Jason Withrow

    When I recently re-read the books, I found Two Towers to be the weakest of that set but I won’t got into why. What I did like, however, was the relationship between Eomer and Aragorn. It’s pretty obvious that Tolkein is building up their friendship so it’s clear the relationship between Rohan and Gondor will be good in the years to follow, and at times he might as well be the fourth member of the Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli trio of leads. The second film seemed to be trying to make him more important, by letting him save the day with Gandalf, but all that did was take him out of the film, and as a result his reduced role in Return of the King comes about as consistent, but still failing at the apparent objective. I don’t know about killing Theoden off in TT as you suggest, but having seen what the books did with the character I don’t think RotK would have hurt with a little more Karl Urban.

  • The_Stig

    Didn’t Gandalf’s entire battle with the Balrog remind anyone of one of those recruiting commercials for the US Marine Corps?


  • Torgeaux

    Awesome review. The ‘Visit Scotland’ montage was easily the funniest thing I’ve heard and seen for years. This effort was worth every minute watching. Thanks.

  • Every music cutaway gets more time than “Isengard”… was that intentional?