VIDEO: Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman team up with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the vastly superior follow-up to Space Jam!

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  • I think this one gets a little bit more flack than it deserves. It’s odd how you’ve done this about a week or two after the NC’s “Looney Tunes Show, Good or Bad?” video since it acknowledges that the show is flawed as hell but still has it’s fair share of good moments. Also odd since he said in that video that Back in Action got ‘deserved response of meh’.

    Your video’s certainly better than Blockbuster Buster’s video where he proclaimed that it was one of the worst movies ever. Very slack judgement in my eyes. At least you gave it a fair judgement and put across the good that a lot of people have ignored in this movie. I do like the fact that the character Brendan Fraser plays rants about he real-life movie version (sorry for the oxymoron there) of Fraser when he says he’s in the movies more than the ‘real’ Fraser is so it’s the real Fraser playing the stuntman of the movie’s real Fraser. Whoo! I can see what you mean by this beng convoluted! But I just think it’s funnier really. Not much can be said for the Tasmanian Pooter though, I didn’t even laugh at that either.

    Also they at least tried to make fun of the fact it had blatant product placement like when they had Walmart appear randomly in the desert. Non-sensical blatant product placement has been prevelant in a lot of Hollywood movies (Cat in the Hat anyone? Sorry for bringing it up Joey) so to see them at least try to make fun of it was a decent effort on their part.

    Definitely not on par with Who Framed Roger Rabbit but better than Space Jam and a lot of recent cartoon/live action adaptations.

    • Thank you!

      I’m almost certain that the movie was made with clear intentions to be an improvement over Space Jam, and I firmly believe Joe Dante delivered! It’s weird since i’m a fan of Erod, but I could never understand why he hated the movie since the arguments were very nitpicky. Otherwise, I wish I could say the same about “The Looney Tunes Show,” but I could never get into it :P.

  • $36060516

    Holy crap that Steve Martin acting was bad…!

    • danbreunig

      Just two steps away from nightmare fuel.

    • Nine Breaker

      Is it just me, or was he trying to channel Crispin Glover, only less coherent?

  • It was a friggin underappreciated MASTERPIECE ! As for spoiling that it is movie in a movie ? Dude , IT IS WHAT THE CHARACTERS ALWAYS DID ! And the plot has to be cuckoo , it has to be in the exagerated world of Warner Bros toons, it did not feel convoluted for me . Here is my take on the whole flick

  • fish eye no miko

    “Oh, and this movie has Daleks in it…”

    It’s worth noting that this movie came out in 2003, two years before NuWho began. I remember going to see this movie, and when they showed up, I was like “OMG, DALEKS!” Hell, the movie was worth it for that alone, imo… (-:

    • I figured it was worth pointing out since it lead to Marvin the Martian getting blasted… which he put on himself for allowing to star in a Live Action/CG hybrid!

  • The_Stig

    Speaking of your Animaniacs joke….hang on, there’s…..WATER in that water tower? What happened to Wakko, Yakko and Dot?