VIDEO: Loonatics Unleashed “Loonatics on Ice”

In this installment of Saturday Morning Glory, Ryan Lohner examines The Loonatics, a misguided attempt to make the Loony Tunes edgy and exxxxtreme!!! by turning them into anime-inspired superheroes who shoot energy beams out of random orifices. And he revisits the accompanying firestorm of controversy that forced Warner Bros to backtrack and soften up the designs that made the futuristic Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, and all the rest look positively terrifying.

Here’s a look at the first episode of Loonatics Unleashed, “Loonatics on Ice”, where the Loonatics fight a band of extra-dimensional mutant techno Vikings bent on freezing over the entire planet. And no, it doesn’t make any more sense if you actually watch the episode.

Want to see more embarrassing examples of corporate bumbling? Both seasons of Loonatics Unleashed are available on DVD!

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Ryan Lohner

Ryan lives in Sparta, New Jersey, a quaint little burg without much for kids to do except go to the movies. Thus began a lifelong love affair, as even back then he grew to love examining why a film worked, or didn't. He is a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and currently studying for a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. His hobbies include running, piano, and annoying people with that damn lowercase forum user name.

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  • Ken Murray

    why must this show be hated? this is why I prefer the Nostalgia Critic, he just points out the things that are wrong with whatever he’s reviewing, not openly attacking it!

    • Hellraiser

      Because fuck you, that’s why.

      • Pretty much anyone can just harp , logical criticism requires LOGIC.

    • Monoceros4

      And also the “Nostalgia Critic” screams. A lot. That’s better, right?

  • Ken Murray

    read what I said about the Nostalgia Critic? what gives anyone the right to down right attack someone else’s work?

    • Hellraiser

      I have the right. You don’t.
      Who are you anyway?

    • Guest

      Freedom of speech. Ever heard of that before?

  • Ken Murray

    the guy who started white knighting Loonatics on the old thread for this video. and the same guy who did the same thing on DeviantART.

    • Hellraiser

      That’s the equivalent of being an MMORPG character. That doesn’t amount to shit around here.

  • Edwin Lee Pope

    i never saw the show so i cant really comment on it but for what i saw on you review it was clear the W.B did not have respect for the classic shows of the pass if they wanted to stay tire to the loony toon all they needed to do was make new epecod best on the class and not tried to coby show whith out knowning why the show was so successful..

    • Ken Murray

      you have no idea what you’re talking about!

      • Crazy Fish

        To be fair, I’m not entirely sure what he’s talking about either. I saw something about tires and someone named Coby?

  • Ken Murray

    this review falls under what TV Tropes calls a “bias Steamroller”.

    • Hellraiser

      And you fall under what reality calls a “fucking idiot”.

  • Ken Murray

    this show isn’t my favorite but I’ve taken it upon myself to defend it because it has an undeserving negative reputation.

    • Hellraiser

      Well of course it would have SOME sort of minority who are fans – to each their own and more power to them. But unless you want me to keep calling you an idiotic motherfucker then you shouldn’t defend it here anymore.

      • Crazy Fish

        At the very least you should probably stop spamming, Kenny.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    Wunderbar! A triumph of common sense over the refusal to admit mistakes…

  • GTBurns48215

    This is the PRIME EXAMPLE of a show created by focus groups and marketing execs.

    • Crazy Fish

      Bull. You’re thinking of Dragonball GT.

      Loonatics is the prime example of a show created by alcohol and apathy.

  • Ufalien

    Heh heh. Synergy knockoff. I was hoping someone would play “She’s Got the Power”!

  • Frankly I dug it,. Bugs and Daffy’s descendents seemed rather character faithful, and lord knows Lola needed the exposure.

  • Coyote has healing powers you know, a reference to his cartoon shorts.

    • Which makes it hard to care about anything happening to him.

      • Crazy Fish

        The last episode of the series is a better example. Daffy gets crushed under falling rocks three times with no visible ill effects, because it’s just a cheap sight gag. Then, at the end, he gets trapped in a collapsing cavern and suddenly we’re supposed to be really worried about whether or not he’ll survive.

        • starofjustice

          Ryan’s comment is still pretty valid, because that’s not something they bothered to establish before then. Making unreasonable assumptions about what your audience knows, like the powers the characters have on a superhero team that’s never been seen before, is one of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to tell a story.

  • I know this is like… WAY off topic, but Ryan sounds and looks like a young Steve Buscemi.

  • Just watching these clips, I feel embarrassed for everyone involved with “Loonatics”. Except for the ones responsible for creating it, for whom I mostly feel annoyance.

  • This is a show I loved as a kid for some weird reason and now i realize how nonsensical and random it was, and even now i hold the show as a guilty pleasure. Im not denying its stupidity, in this awesome review, I just think it isnt as bad as everyone portrays it to be. 
    Whatever, still, awesome review

  • Anon


    • MichaelANovelli