VIDEO: Sofie Goes to London MCM Expo 2012

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BONUS! Sofie visits the Movieum of London:

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of

Sofie went to London’s MCM Expo 2012 fan convention, and this is the footage she brought back! Watch as she chats with SilentReaper, the creator of the web comic Stupid Fox, and Danish artist Humon, the creator of Love and Tentacles. Sofie also gets a preview of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and even meets one of her very own fans.

In the bonus video, watch as Sofie visits the London Film Museum, AKA the Movieum of London, and encounters some famous names in British TV.

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  • What an amazing experience this was! I do cringe at the sound of my voice when I listen to it back. I sound like a hack Radio DJ at points, ironic seeing how I volunteered at a Hospital Radio Station once and people tell me I have a face for radio. The fact you said that meeting a fan was the second best thing to happen on your trip after meeting your fangirl dream team is such a lovely sentiment and I thank you for being so welcoming. 🙂
    The Full English Breakfast is one of the only ‘English delicacies’ there is. Everything else on the menu is stolen from other cultures!
    I chatted with that very same John Marston cosplayer too. I saw two Hunter S Thompsons and many, many Doctors. It felt like home in a way and was an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks for your impeccable company Sofie. 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

      As I told you in the e-mails.
      I am absolutely NOT as popular as you may think, half of all the comments in my own videos is myself replying X)
      Just the knowledge that there is one person out there, whom didn’t know me priorly, but just saw my videos, liked those for those, and liked them enough to meet up to meet with me.
      It’s very difficult to put into words how much that actually means to me, it means the world, and it sure gave me the fire to go out and do tons more stuff, I got so many ideas 🙂

      So thank you for meeting with me! really!

      Yeah, the con was amazing, massively big, sooo many amazing cosplayers, walking among so many nerds is an odd free-space isn’t it?
      Suddenly you are just allowed to be silly and geeky and weird, to hell with the awkwardness, it’s none existent at places like this 🙂

      • And most of those comments are mini essays so two thirds of the words in the comments are yours. X)
        (CHEESY FAN SPEECH ALERT!!) When I watch a person’s videos at first, sometimes it takes a few more viewings or other videos to try and get into them. But with you, I loved what you had to offer from the first video I saw you in. Your presentation, humour and feel to your videos is something special. You have your own thing going for you outside of the usual Nostalgia Critic formula that a lot of people incorporate. Not to say they’re bad or anything, a lot of them are good and can put their own spin on it. But your ideas seem to come from your own experience watching film and TV and also from your own acting. I’m glad meeting an admirer of your work has given you the confidence to produce more material.
        Apart from online, there’s not a lot of places round me where I can express my nerdiness, but when I was here, I was so casual with it and though I wasn’t a hardcore, cosplaying, card collecting, action figure buying con-goer, it was really something special. Seeing a guy in a Rainbow Dash cosplay casually order a pint of Fosters from the local pub and no-one batting an eyelid: a thing of beauty. 🙂

        • Sofie Liv

          I have no idea what you are talking about.

          Oh whom am I kidding, you now can state with a clear concious that I am like that in real life as well X)
          Ask me a question about movies, and indeed, I can go on and on about it in an endless maelstrom of information. shame on me X)

          Awww, thank you so much!
          I don’t know what to say about that, it’s really a lot of praise, just.. thank you. It DOES mean a lot, it truly truly does.
          I don’t know if I could have managed to keep on making videos if it weren’t for all of this support, it’s hard to describe how much it actually means, and I don’t always think you people realise how much it honestly matters.

          So you’ll be going to more cons now then?
          Lets hope we can meet up to another one in England, I would like that 🙂

          • Hehe. My ears are still burning from your masters thesis on everything you talked about with me that day! You could easily have gotten a degree from them though. I’m a maelstrom of useless information so more shame for me! X)
            You deserve the praise you get. Not just for your videos but for your natural talents for music too. I’m sure other viewers of this site feel the same way. 🙂
            I’ve been looking at other cons for this year in England and two that I’ve seen are Manchester Expo Con on 21st July (the same weekend that Dark Knight Rises comes out, coinicidence?) and London Memorabilia Con 27th-28th October. That would be awesome to meet up for another one of those cons but ALTOGETHER NOW…We’ll see. X)

          • Sofie Liv

            Actually I can’t, I did apply for both a university drama education and a
            movie education but.. hehe, I couldn’t get into either because of way
            to low school grades…….

            As it turns out, just because you are more practically qualified in
            certain subjects doesn’t mean they allow you access to the fancy
            educations, school grades is all that matters, so kids.. study!

            Thank fully I got the internet to boost me up now ay?

            Oh god, thanks. Just to show off…. I never had a piano lesson in my
            entire life! Honest to god! I taught myself thus far, but I will get my
            first piano lesson in two months from now cause I decided to take some,
            and yeah, I will be paying for them out of my own pocket, but dammit, I
            believe it will be worth it. Actually I am convinced it will be more
            than worth it, I got plans <_<

            I think I will definitely go to another UK con, how-ever, next time, I
            will be sure to coincide it with an TGWTG member attending, hoping that
            we can set up some kind of cross-over, and you now, get some partner
            ships growing 😀

            (should have asked film-brain, but I didn't have the nerve when planning this trip -_-; )

            Oh well, past is the past, and this trip was still worth simply EVERYTHING!

            I'll be sure to keep myself updated with UK TGWTG blogs and see when one
            of them will go to a con, then ask about a cross-over and go to the
            same con if they say yes (that's a big if.), and I will hopefully
            announce any such thing months in advance X)

            Remember, I have to travel to an entirely other country for those UK
            things, that's around 150 pound in a plane ticket, and I cannot afford
            that regularly, I'm a student ya know.

            But, here's to the future, and my hopes about how bright it will be.

          • Very good advice for the youth there. Studying is very important and I’m glad I was able to get into my University through the grades I got. I just wished I’d have thought of the Internet thing then I could have got into Oxford. Live and learn.
            That’s certainly a performance to look forward to! Are you the same with the trumpet or did you take lessons for that?
            It’s OK, you didn’t expect him and it was just great to meet him otherwise so I’m sure you’ll get a chance to organise something in the future.
            This trip was worth a massive deal for you I’m sure and here’s hoping the next one will be just as grand if you get something going with TGWTG because that would be immense! Here’s to you Sofie, envied by so many Doctor Who fans and finding out that Mycroft isn’t such a tight-arse after all! X)

          • Sofie Liv

            No, Trumpet I did study, I became a part of an almost profesional school orchester (seriously, their level were exstrordinary high.) I had to go in trompet school for two years before I got to join the actual orchester, and that is how I learned to read sheet music, and trust me, I will never ever forget how to read sheet music after it, it was beaten into me with a shovel at that!

            Which you know, is very practical when you sit down to learn any other musical instrument in existence! I just need to figure how you take the notes on the instrument. So yeah, all-ready being a bit of a proof in sheet music reading definetely helped a lot when sitting down to learn the piano by myself.

            Hehe no, Mycroft aint such a tight ass at all, especially not when he technically got his big break through by wearing a dress and spitting out tons of dark toilet humour in a little sketch show you might have heard of called. “League of Gentlemen” also he was script editor on “little brittain.” so… Mark Gatiss tight ass? that would be weird, he definetely not comes across as it X)
            I just listened to the audio commentary he made on the Sherlock DVD’s, he is such a Holmes fan-boy! it’s amazing X)

          • Even though I sing as well as play guitar, mandolin and ukulele, I never learned proper sheet music with the octaves and crotchets and so many quavers I couldn’t tell if I wanted to play a quaver note or eat the Quavers British cheese snacks! I’m sure you’ve seen them in a few shops in London.
            Likesay, I know chords and riffs, just not proper complex sheet music. Sad for me :/
            League of Mental-Gen more like! That show is so freaky and it did blur the line between comedy and actual horror. I know people who have nightmares about Papa Lazarou. “You’re MY wife now!” “Hello Dave!” Seriously guys called Dave (which there are MANY in the world) could not get away from people quoting this at them! It was like the “You stupid boy!” of this generation. I don’t suppose you know what that quote is from?
            Gatiss does sound like an awesome guy and the fact he’s so versatile between drama and comedy is so great to see.
            I’ve also finished Series 1 and 2 of Sherlock now so I’ll listen to the commentary now and see how much gushing there is from him X)

          • Sofie Liv

             It’s awsome being able to read sheet music as a pro, it makes me feel so smart every time I step in with other new beginner pianists…
            I can be such an sod some-times…
            But it is awesome! it does help a lot and it does mean it’s a heck of a lot easier for me to learn any note based instrument!
            It would literately takes half the time off learning any such instrument as violin, flute or sax :3
            It would still be a challenge for me, but it would be achievable. So yeah, I can only recommend to learn the sheet music.

            Being able to read sheet music also means that while many many other amatour musicians has to use hours to learn by root, I can pretty much just pick up the sheet and play it after sheet.

            Gatiss is awesome.
            Yeah.. I think that’s a pretty good word for that sketch show, but you  know.. I in a very odd way actually like it. I have no way to tell why, I just kind of do…
            And making that sort of stuff at all always take a certain amount of courage as well as intelligence.
            Count me a Gatiss fan girl 😀

          • Well I know about tabs and chord sheets which I learn for playing thie guitar at least so that’s probably the extent of sheet music in my life.
            I’d certainly see a recital of yours just to see how far you’ve come with it and what you could be able to play.
            I didn’t watch is as regularly as Little Britain but I did get the jist of it, oh boy did I get the jist of it! The Xmas special had some legitimately scary segments in it X)
            Add the fourth doctor and you’ve got yourself a fan-girl overload! XD

  • ElizabethSpectrum

    Cons are a lot of fun, so I like it when people would put up their own con videos so I can see what another con is like because I can only go to one of them once a year (San Diego Comic Con-8 years and counting 😀 ). Maybe someday I can meet you at one and draw a pretty picture for you (because cons are the place to be for aspiring artists, even mediocre ones like me XP)

    • Sofie Liv

      That would be AMAZING! I would LOVE that!
      I would love to go to tons more cons.

      But you know, you guys have to help me here, I really badly want to go, but unless there is a reason for me I simply don’t have the budget, I travelled to another country for this! and yeah, I did pay for all of it myself. I hoped by convincing Albert to post this at all, (took a little convincing as this is not usually what the site is about, and it’s amazing he ended up saying yes.) that we could open up for the idea of cons.

      I really badly need you guys help, I honestly do! comment like crazy! go nuts!

      But, heh, you know, I’ve got an e-mail, if you want to draw me I would be more than happy to see it regardless of location or quality, I think it’s absolutely AMAZING that people care at all, my e-mail is the section describing staff members.

      But hopefully, oh boy hopefully, I will indeed one day attend San Diego comic con, it’s on my list over things I have to do before I die. really it is, I am not kidding, I have said that for years, that one day I’ll take a road trip in the US and there’s a list over things I gotta do before I die, and San Diego is very hight on the list 😀

  • Eliot Littlejohn

    looked like fun wish you had video with tom and his cool voice

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, as I said in the video, I didn’t really want to go stick a camera up in their faces.. even if they all three were used to cameras.. heh.
      But come on, there now is a shoot in existence, a genuine shoot where I and Tom Baker shares the screen! what are the chances? Whom would have thought in a million years that that would have happened?

      And his voice is still intact so don’t you worry 🙂

      • Eliot Littlejohn

        yup so now your in there with sarah jane leela and k9

  • Jeremy D. Schmidt

    Glad that you had a good time at MCM Expo 2012, and before that, toodling around London-town. Your enthusiasm and excitement would have come through loud and clear even without the commentary because you had this glow about you – a bundle of happiness that seemed to smoulder brighter than the rest of the chosen basking in the billiance of nerd-heaven. Brought back some fond memories of when I once was able to attend cons; it’s been so long…
    The Movieum sounds fantastic! In fact, before watching your vlog, I had no idea that such a thing existed. If I should ever get the chance to visit London, I’ll be sure to add that to the itinerary. Thanks for the tip!
    I don’t know if you were being self-depricating or not, but on the off-chance that you were not, I have to say that I think you’re selling yourself short on the number of fans you have so far been able win. (I mean, ten?? C’mon, you got more than that – you got *eleven*!! And we all know that eleven is what gives everything that extra push over the cliff) Kidding aside, although I don’t have any proof or even data to back up my certainty, it nevertheless stands to reason: this site is visited by at least hundreds of people a day. What’s more (and, admitably, I can only speak for myself, here), I don’t really think comments are a particularly accurate means of gauging one’s fandom. I’ve been watching your videos since you started posting on this site, but this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment. I watch various other people’s videos; never leave comments. I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman and Harlan Ellison, but do they know that? Nope, ‘cuz I don’t write em fan mail. The list could go on. I figure that creators/performers are plenty busy coming up with stuff for me and others to enjoy to much care about what I have to say, which is usually naught. At least, anything particularly interesting, anyway…. And as for even meeting me? Unlikely. I cannot even afford to travel to the next country over, much less hop the pond to Europe. And you seemed more interested in visiting the US than Canada. Typical 🙂
    So, anyhoo…keep up the good work. Looking forward to your Sherlock review. And damn you for already having in your possession Sherlock Season 2! 🙂 It’ll be *months* before the DVDs are released over here.

    PS I’m ashamed, but I have to admit that I did laugh in regard to your London accent. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, though, what actually made me laugh was your *reaction* to your London accent.

  • MephLord

    Sofie like you I am also on a strict travel budget (even though I have a full time job, part time job and get supplemental income from having a renter in my home) but its the travel distance that really is the biggest obstacle to going to too many places to visit.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, it can be done for me, having to usually travel to another country is to scary part of cause, but I just have to pick an chose very very carefully and then have a straighter budget with normal day life meaning, not go to town every other weekend, not buying new expensive clothes, shoes or electronics all the time, living in a positively cheap apartment.
      I could have had nicer things, if I had chosen to, but then I couldn’t travel, it’s all a matter of choice and saving up really, picking in advance what I want to spend my resources on, that sort of stuff.

      Also it helps that I am one of does annoying young people not having family or any-thing tying me down, so I can still pretty much just do what-ever the heck I want.

  • Muthsarah

    Hello Sofie!

    I don’t have a lot to say about cons, or London, or meeting Tom Baker, ‘cuz I haven’t done anything remotely like that. In fact, I don’t have much to say at all, as I’m just not a big talker (or a long typer). I’m one of the shy, quiet nerds.

    But even though I don’t really have much to say, I wanted to sign up here at the site just so I could post something, to offer proof that you have one more fan than you think you do. I’ve been following your vids since your Top Ten Wackiest Female Character List, and have been slowly going through your YouTube backlog; I just hadn’t posted anything yet (though I started to on a number of occasions before chickening out). And for each one of us that speaks up, I bet there are ten more that are even shier and quieter than I am that still rejoice at seeing a new Sofie adventure greeting us when we get home from work. You’re one of my favorite people to follow, and I especially love your more personal videos, talking about your love of the theatre, or just geeking out as you were here. None of us would have posted if we hadn’t made the conscious decision to spend 40 minutes following your trip to London and watching you gush and almost cry at the twin surprises that awaited you there. That’s what we fans are – people who love to hang out with you once a week or so, even if you (apparently) don’t know we’re here.

    And that’s about as many words as I can muster.

    • Sofie Liv

      That’s fine you are not a talker, by god if we all were like me.. we would never be finished about talking about any-thing!
      And then we wouldn’t get any-thing done! ever!

      My youtube backlog? dear god.. this proofs I should really clean up in that thing X)

      Thank you 🙂
      Thank you so much, I listen and I take what you say to heart, don’t doubt that. As far as I am concerned every single fan counts, just one is amazing, another one even better, this is turning into the most amazing journey for me, it’s so great!
      And I am absolutely looking forward to do more! Honestly, I just want to keep on doing more! 🙂

  • FullofQuestions1

    Looking at what you brought back- must…not…destroy…screen! I’m sorry, I’m just a tad jealous.

    You looked like you had fun though, and your reaction to seeing Tom Baker cracked me up- there are so many celebrities that would make me have the same reaction.

    • Sofie Liv


      Don’t worry, I am jealous at me, if that makes any sense, and yeah I had fun. Man I wish I had a Tardis so I could go back and do this again. (even though that is not how Tardis’s work but… what-ever.)

      My reaction to Tom Baker actually also cracked Christian up as well, the funny thing is between the two of us he is usually the more existed one. Not that I am not existed about stuff, but I have just seen so much now that it takes a lot more to impress me, and him being new at this geeky culture tends to become very existed very often, and at that moment, it was just swapped around, he was very calm and me.. well, you saw..

      But they were happy to meet such a genuine Danish fan, so YAY!

      this was just such an amazingly good and fun trip 🙂

  • Nuclearademan

    I would’ve loved to see your reaction when you walked into that shop and noticed Tom Baker and Mark Gatiss in there.

    To be honest I felt really jealous when you mentioned seeing props from the Hammer films I actually said aww out loud.

    • Sofie Liv

       There was a sign on the door saying. “Tom Baker autograph signing today.” so that was just a little thing to ease the blow.
      How-ever, I had absolutely NO idea that Mark Gatiss was in there, suddenly he just sat there, and I went. :O
      Very literately, just. :O
      Then into shock, then into frantic fan girl hysteria, then Mark Gatiss caught my eyes and send me an sweet assuring smile (Daww!) and I calmed enough down to get on the level you see on the footage.

      Hehehe, it just means you need to take a trip to London one day doesn’t it? The hammer exhibition seemed to be a permanent part of the museum unlike the “Iron Lady.” room which were just temporary (Cause Iron Lady was such an important movie you know -_-;)
      In either case, The London Movieum is such a cool place deserving visiting from lots of film geeks :3

  • Calum Syers

    Hey Sofie,

    I’ve been a fan of your videos for a while, but this is the first time commenting on a video. I don’t really have anything important to say other than “keep up the good work”.

    Did Film Brain recognise you as a fellow reviewer? Had he been aware or even seen your work before? Or had he been unaware of your work prior to your meeting?

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you for the comment regardless! It’s always great hearing from you people, and I will do the attempt of making as many videos as possible, but on the same time having fun while doing new stuff 😀
      I got ideas 😉

      God no, Film Brain had absolutely NO idea whom I was. but I introduced myself and he actually knew what the Agony Booth is, so that’s some credential right there! And.. he loved my idea for a future video project, so I gotta make that :3

  • Word has it that the BBC wants ALL the former Doctors back (in one way or another) for the 50th anniversary next year. I wonder if tom would participate this time. He said he always regretted not being part of the 5 Doctors special, so maybe he will 🙂

    • Sofie Liv

       yeah… lets not get our hopes up.
      Here’s the facts.

      A; the enternet believes what it wants to believe and rumours will be swimming around until actually announces has been made, it was the same thing with the Nolan Bat movies, and Jonnhy Depp did not end up playing the Riddler.
      All the Doctors together again is a Whovians wet dream, and that’s why it’s all over the net, how-ever, it’s highly unlikely they could even get Eccleston back as he has a thing with never ever returning to a franchise ones he is done with it. “It’s not my train any-more.” as he says.

      B; The BBC and especially the Doctor who team will be holding as air tight as possible about what they have in store, they always do, I have no doubt that it’s going to be a special Doctor who year, which is also why I am so convinced they are desperately trying to hold it under wrasps. This is the studio that smuggled Katherine Tate in under a blanket and removed all personal from the scene to film her reveal by the end of “Voyage of the damned.” just to be sure they could shock their audiences as much as possible.
      To makes matter even better, Steven Moffat has been known to lie to the public to deliberately attempt to distract our attention from what is really going on.
      So really, the only ones knowing are people involved with the show.

      C; it… wouldn’t work. I mean a little sketch like “Time Crash.” is wonderful! I loved that! but for an entire serious episode? here’s the fact, three doctors are dead and the rest have aged.. a lot, it would absolutely spoil the illusion to stuff them in there and claim they are still the doctor.. they are not, they don’t look like their doctor self any-more. Arguable you could stuff Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGaunn in there, they pretty much look the same, but then we gotta stop.
      HOW-EVER! neither will I dismiss the possibility that the actors may appear, here’s the fact, Doctor who is currently run and written by Whovians, having all the doctors meet up is their wet dream to, and they are very smart people, so in some absurd way, some-thing kind of like it could happen.

      And all in all, this is ALL speculations, cause you can’t trust stuff you read on the internet unless the source is reliable. You have to be VERY source critical in these matters. And the only way to go here is the BBC’s official website and see what announcements they’ll come with it. You can’t even trust Steven Moffat interviews, cause he lies on purpose.

      • Nuclearademan

         I hope the rumour that Benedict Cumberbatch will play the Master comes true.

        • Sofie Liv

          Man, if now were the time they were searching for a new Doctor you could bet your ass tons and tons of rumours would be swimming around that Cumberbatch would be the new doctor. there were actually genuine rumours that Billy Piper or Katherine tate would be the new doctor the last time around. What? Why? why would any-one do that?
          As much as I as a frustrated female performer secretly gets a gasm by the thought of a female doctor.. then even if it were to happen, why actrees’s whom are all-ready associated with their own respective parts in Doctor who? there are other very good actres’s out there. Bring me some-one whom can step in and claim their part without me associating it with some-thing else within the show or some-thing related.

          It’s also James Nesbitt all over again, they (the people whom start rumours.) wanted him to be the doctor. Why? Because, like Cumberbatch he was the lead in a recent Steven Moffat show, called Jekyll, which was a fantastic show and he delivered an beyond astounding performance in this dual role. But as much as I LOVE Nesbitt as an actor, I am so HAPPY he did not wind up in some major Doctor who part immediately after, and same thing goes for Cumberbatch, same thing goes for Martin Freeman. I think they should go out and find other people, they have been really good at that thus far.

          • Nuclearademan

            Once he became big people just assumed that he was in the running to play the 11th doctor orginally. It kinda makes sense since Matt Smith originally auditioned for Sherlock but he said that it wasn’t true and never had an interest in playing the Doctor. So yeah, their were rumours that he was gonna play the 11th doctor 2 seasons into Matt Smith’s run.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s rumoured to play Bond next as well.

            I remember everyone (including me) being convinced that either James Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle were gonna be the 11th doctor, it’s no surprise people were a bit put off by Matt Smith being cast.

          • Sofie Liv

            I actually think it’s genius to cast relatively unknowns in these parts.

            The thing about casting recognisable faces is that people will come expecting this actor to be like this actor is, and then you see the actor but not the character, or the character you associate the actor with but no todays character, and that’s spoils the illusion.
            Our objective here is to make you forget you are watching actors and make you believe what is happening is real, having me confusing the master with Sherlock all the time would spoil this illusion.

            I had never heard of Matt Smith before I saw him as the doctor, so he became the doctor to me, I had never heard of Cumberbatch before Sherlock, so he is now really Sherlock to me, not Cumberbatch.
            I did know Freeman from Hitchikers guides to the galaxy and The office, but gosh dang it, he is so perfect in the part and his chemistry with Cumberbatch also so perfect that I do not mind.

            You know, we as human beings are such comfort creatures liking evey-thing to stay familiar, but if we do that we would all end up like Tim Burton and it wont work any-more. Especially when it comes to movie and tely I think all this wanting familiarity it is out of control and keeps a lot of projects from being as god as they could have been.

            Part of me even regret a little but that I inter-act this much with people, not because I don’t want to, I deeply enjoy doing it! but because it spoils the illusion, what-ever little there were.

            So much an two edged sword, I deeply enjoy exstra material, audio commentaries, and following up on upcoming projects I look forward to, but I shouldn’t.. it should not be there.. cause it spoils the illusion.
            Sigh I dunno, I am happy Doctor who is some-thing that exists at all, I am happy Matt Smith plays the doctor, I am happy Sherlock exists at all, I am happy Cumberbatch plays Sherlock, what do I really have to complain about?

            And for me, Sherlock and Doctor who is one of the very show capable of maintaining an illusion when I watch it, they are shows that makes me forget myself and feel like I did when I was a child watching an impressive movie. (cause like it or not, we were much easier to impress and forget ourselves back then.) 

  • Arcadiassx999

     Sofie YOU MAGNIFICENT LUCKY BASTARD! You met TOM BAKER!  What a happy moment! 
    Sooo jealous.  Anywho fun vids, glad you had a blast.   “It’s Showtime Folks!”

    • Sofie Liv

       I KNOW!!!!! 😀

      Thanks! and yes indeed, it is show-time B)

  • Eliot Littlejohn

    even though tom baker didnt voulnter any information on the 50th to you i was hopeing he would have mentioned something because in a interveiw before the signing he said he wouldnt want to do a full on comeback but he said if the dr took one of the companions to a room in the tardis where echoes of the other drs are  to explain a little about himself  to them he said he would be willing to come back for a minute for something like that so i was hopeing he would have mentioned if the bbc contacted him or something but heres hopeing

    • Sofie Liv

      I didn’t ask.
      I was a little bit in shock, busy trying comprehend what was going on, and being an overly exited fan-girl all on the same time.
      You don’t get to say the smart things when you stand in such a situation, so I didn’t even have the surplus to ask any such thing.
      As I stated earlier even, if I had thought as far as to ask about upcoming stuff, which I didn’t, my first question would be to Gatiss and would be about when is Sherlock coming back on? And will John faint then chase Sherlock down the london streets in rage in the next episode, I badly want to know. But I of cause first thought about that two days later X)
      All because I was busy being so very very excited about all those amazing things happening around me.

      As for Doctor who, we shall just have to wait and see like every-body else, I doubt that even if I asked they would give me any kind of answer. You just don’t do that in this business, you want to maintain the surprise. And if Tom Baker were to return.. my guess is it is one of those things they REALLY would want to keep a surprise! 

  • Sylvester Mccoy said in an interview that bringing back al lthe surviving Doctor actors, but putting them in different roles might be a better way to pay tribute to the show, rather than having them all play the Doctor again. I think he may have a point 🙂 

    • Sofie Liv

      I to agree with Sylvester McCoy.