VIDEO: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

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Phil turns the show over to his sound guy (and pop culture junkie puppet) Rex Rabitt! Is he merely an opinionated sound guy, or is there more to this red rabbit? Well, you won’t find out here, but you will hear his thoughts on the group LMFAO and their one great contribution to party history, “Party Rock Anthem”.

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  • Shark Wayne

    Hell yeah! Rex Rabitt! Love the look of the bunny! :D
    Can’t wait to see more from Rex Rabitt.

  • Jay_Bay

    What about that other more popular song, Sexy and I Know It?

    • Jill Bearup


      Loved the episode, Mike. 

      • Jay_Bay

        Why?  For me, Sexy is way better Party Rock….or at least the lyrics in Sexy present some remnants of story instead of the random phrases of Party Rock.  Then again, Sexy lyrics are in the end completely asinine…..and now my head hurts.


        • If I put them in order best to worst: Party Rock, Shots, Sexy, Sorry For Party Rocking, then…whatever. Side note, my favorite song? I…AM NOT….A WHORE.

      • Tim Terrell

        I can’t stand “Sexy and I Know It” either (It is an abomination), but it is evidence against the “lightning in a jar” theory.

      • danbreunig

        I won’t.  But the last time I heard it played was in a children’s circus, if you can believe that.

      • MephLord

        Oh Sursum, if Mendo, Slob and Joey strutted around in Speedos you’d have a reaction for us I’m sure.

        • MichaelANovelli

          Please, the image of me in a Speedo gives *me* nightmares!

          • $36060516

            Maybe design a more suitable swimsuit, not Speedo but Meendo.

        • Jay_Bay

          And there goes my sanity. Hurray!

    • I don’t like it.

      • John Wilson

        It Dubstep so it can vary on opinion:)

    • John Wilson

      Party rock was more popular than sexy. And a lot better.
      Now an awesome remix
      and “music video”:)­elated

  • Tim Terrell

     I like this Rex character. Look forward to more music video reviews. However, I do like the “Sorry For Party Rocking” song as much as I like “Anthem”. Yes, the video is stupid as fuck, but the song is great.

  • Even though this one is a guilty pleasure for me (the chorus is just so joyous and accepting), Party Hard is way more of a ‘party rock anthem’ than it. It’s AWK’s anthem, it’s a rock song and he loves to party! It meets all the requirements and it really does get you pumped and in the partying mood, despite it’s simplicity. Mind you, that’s pretty much I Get Wet in a nutshell. His career from then on has been making albums with piano improvisations and Gundam song renditions and helping some nerds gain more confidence and be themselves as a motivational speaker. I know he’s had more questionable career choices, like sometimes appearing on Fox News and being a live action Cartoon network show host (he belongs in an actual cartoon!) but he still seems like a cool guy.

    Unlike WK though, LMFAO don’t have staying power and I think their other singles are just proof of that. They range from background club music to obnoxious tripe, but they at least have some level of self-awareness to them that I can’t completely damn them for, unlike some club popstars who take themselves so seriously and just come across as boring (Flo Rida, please stand up).

    • The_Stig

      “(he belongs in an actual cartoon!)”

      Well he DID kick Frylock in the face on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    • Fair, and that is why I put that video as the end credits. But this is a review show about music videos and frankly Party Hard is a very standard video. The best part is Andrew wailing on the piano, so that’s what I mentioned.