LL Cool J "Doin' It" (Video)

The glorious experience of seeing LL Cool J rap that one song from “The Music Man” along with T.I. and Hugh Jackman honestly inspired today’s Morning Sex Jam choice. Remember when LL Cool J was a sexxxy rapper-man full-time and not so much of an actor-man? “It’s our first time together and I’m feelin’ kinda horny.” I mean who doesn’t love a song that starts that way? Plus he raps about the G-spot and there are booty-shaking dancer ladies in this video. Also he was representin’ Queens, she was raised out in Brooklyn in case you are wondering about the geographic nature of their sweaty love. Enjoy! Maybe don’t listen to it without your headphones in at work. Depending on your place of work, the video itself may not be appropriate! Just sayin’.


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