Living in the ‘Blurbs

Christina Hendricks’s journey into Mad-ness, Partners panned, wrestling with streaming video, and more:

Christina Hendricks says her agency dropped her for being stupid enough to take a role on a 1960s period cable drama.

Variety calls FX’s Partners “every bit as generic as its title,” and says, “watching these two comedy veterans [Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence] trying to keep such a leaky, woefully flat vehicle afloat is more depressing than nostalgic.”


NBC’s summer sitcom Undateable will get a 10-episode second season after averaging 2.78 million per episode during the network offseason.

Shockingly, 700,000 people are willing to pay higher-than-Netflix prices for a streaming video service that carries only WWE wrestling. Even more shockingly, that’s not enough for the service to be considered a success. The target is 1.4 million.

DirecTV is debuting an original series about MMA. If you care, here’s a trailer for Kingdom.

Sharknado 2 sadly broke ratings records for Syfy, and now sadly it’s coming to theaters. One night only.

Wilton Schiller was a writer for Leave It to Beaver and Dragnet. And Superman and The Adventures of Superman. And The Fugitive and The Six Million Dollar Man. And like a gazillion other things. Impressive dude. He passed away at age 95.

And a tip for our friends over at if your headline says “First Picture Of Matt Murdock On The Daredevil  Set” and your article says “We can’t actually tell if that’s Cox for sure, but the glasses seem to hint that this is Murdock,” maybe you don’t actually have anything to report.

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