My Little Crime Scene: Computers Are Magic


Get ready for some fast-paced, action-packed typing on CSI: Cyber, which is gonna be totally rad, you guys! It’s just like The Matrix, or at least that one part in The Matrix, you know, before Neo becomes Neo and he’s just some dude at a desk in a cubicle.

Recovering heartthrob James Van Der Beek and recovering Biscuit Peter MacNicol are the latest additions to the cast of this CBS midseason replacement, which stars Patricia Arquette as a computer whisperer for the FBI trying to track down The Lawnmower Man or some such shit.

How long do you think it’ll take this show to devolve into a Criminal Minds knockoff where the unsub stalks his victims on the internet in increasingly preposterous ways?

Showrunner: Pam Veasey (CSI: NY)

CBS > National Amusements

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  • calliecallie

    I saw the CSI episode where they started this. Meh.What I really want is a spinoff of the NSA spying computer geeks in The Good Wife.So happy to be able to just post and not need some new posting program. Thank you.

  • guppy06

    My God, they’ve found a way to cram even more “zoom in and enhance” into a CSI show!