Wednesday Link Love: Television, Taylor Swift, Graffiti, and Famous Gays

Thank god Videogum watched the premiere of Dads last night so you don’t have to and we don’t have to.

Caity Weaver and Jack Dickey have created a Thing and it is real and spectacular. They have given us unto this say a Tumblr full of actual reviews of the all three of the Taylor Swift fragrances/perfumes/colognes/whatever.


Have you bookmarked Juxtapoz’ graffiti section? You should go bookmark that thing right now and get yourself some beautiful graffiti pix every every day.

Mallory Ortberg wrote a thing about Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman getting it on and we would like to gay marry her for it.

Vulture rounded up an actual factual psychiatrist to psychoanalyze the characters in Breaking Bad and you should read it but prolly not if you are not current on watching the show because duh SPOILERS.

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