Like the Green Lantern movie? Then you’ll love the 2015 Oscars! (Also, you don’t exist)

Like the Green Lantern movie? Then you'll love the 2015 Oscars! (Also, you don't exist)

Want more angst in your Oscar telecast?

You’re in luck! Arrow showrunner Greg Berlanti has been named head writer for the 2015 Academy Awards, which will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. We look forward to Neil staring broodily into the middle distance and refusing to divulge crucial information like the winners’ names for no apparent reason.

flash 1.1 arrow

Not pictured: a show known for its clever, laugh-out-loud humor

Berlanti co-wrote the Green Lantern screenplay with Michael Green, and oh look, Green is also on the Oscar writing team as well. Eh, the Oscars aren’t known for coherency or character development anyway.

Rounding out the writing team are Andrew Kreisberg (who developed The Flash series, so maybe there’s a chance someone on camera will be enjoying themselves) and Seth Grahame-Smith (who created Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so maybe the awards show will be mashed up with Downton Abbey and/or someone will be devoured by the undead).

Wouldn’t someone who writes jokes and comedy routines for a living make a little more sense? That’s how it’s worked in the past, but maybe “hokey sci-fi romp” is a deliberate choice for a new direction. Personally, I kind of hoped NPH would drag in Jason Segal, who could rock this sort of thing. Oh well, John Mulaney’s schedule should be pretty much wide open to write next year’s show.

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