VIDEO: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (2014)

The Suspect reviews the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series.

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  • Muthsarah

    Well, SOMEONE’s gotta like how FF is going. ‘Cuz they just keep going even more how with every entry, it seems. I couldn’t even stand X, what is this $#!+ I don’t even.

    I haven’t played it, you have. I’m just curious: Does it still feel like you’re playing a game, with a focus on things that you are making happen, or just a movie/QTE hybrid with side quests?

    • The Unusual Suspect

      Well it’s nowhere as near as automatic feeling as Final Fantasy 13. It’s quite open ended and you can’t win a battle by just mashing buttons; you have to pay attention. There’s a much better balance of story and gameplay this time as well and you will be spending more time playing the game than watching it. Don’t get me wrong, the story is still a big part of the game though. Oh, and no QTE’s to be found here thankfully. I totally forgot that XIII-2 had them.

  • Nick Zbu

    I think all of your dead-on reviewing begs the question: does Square really want to do Final Fantasy RPGs anymore? It seems they’re trying to change the attitude or simply push towards a more action-themed game. The stamina meter and timed nature of the gameplay aren’t RPG-elements and it doesn’t seem that this FF game really wants to bother with that.

    That said, why haven’t we gotten a sequel for FF 6 and 7? Honestly, I’d be all over FF VI-2.

    • Muthsarah

      But, at this point, how would FFVI-2 even resemble FFVI? Fast-paced, 16bitish, simple story, no lengthy cinema scenes, minimal extracurriculars, non-linear gameplay? Wouldn’t it end up being just like the other post-X FFs, with a few shout-out references? Far better that Square sign over the license and let someone else make the sequel.

      • Nick Zbu

        I imagine they would do it the same way they did to FFIV’s Interlude and After Years. Granted, I think they did jam some cut scenes in there, but they did update the sprites a little and it came off looking nice. That said, they did put it out on cell phones first, so I think they do think 16-bit stuff is now too low-brow for anything besides PCs and the like.

        • Muthsarah

          I’m completely out of the loop regarding where the franchise has been. I didn’t even know about FFIV:TAY. Looks pretty crazy. But the better kind.