Life in the ‘blurbs


Today Netflix gets Happy, SHIELD gets Muad’Dib, Black Box gets the axe, and more:

  • ABC cancelled Black Box, a plane crash investigation drama—what? It was about a “sex-crazed bipolar genius neurologist?” Huh. Sounds relatable. (Dibs on the plane crash investigators concept.)
  • Who would win a fight between Paul Muad’Dib Atreides and Xena Warrior Princess? Maybe we’ll get to find out in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD now that Kyle MacLachlan has signed on as villain opposite new hero Lucy Lawless.
  • Traditionally, small budgets force some TV series to shoot overseas. Now, says Variety, it’s big budgets that are allowing TV series to shoot overseas.
  • Will Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story TV movie be more interesting than its title? This sneak preview clip isn’t.
  • Lifetime is also putting together a Marilyn Monroe mini-series. I hear this time she lives.
  • Netflix is bringing BBC violent crime drama Happy Valley to American audiences.
  • And Lorelei’s daughter married Angel’s son in real life. Mazel tov.

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  • guppy06

    A Saved By The Bell expose on Lifetime? What made E! and VH1 take a pass? Alternatively, just how much “man done her wrong” is there in that story for Lifetime to jump on it?And is that an old picture or has the Kwisatz Haderach aged really well?