Liam Neeson Will Not Let Vladimir Putin’s Aggression Stand, Man

If there’s anything SNL does brilliantly, it’s movie parodies. And political sketches! And political movie sketches with a tough-guy monologue you remember from the trailer because you didn’t even have to see the movie, but here is Liam Neeson delivering another version of it anyway, and not even looking very embarrassed about the whole thing! That there is professionalism. If this doesn’t scare Vladimir Putin into withdrawing troops from Crimea, maybe SNL can threaten to keep making this sketch over and over and beaming it into Russia?


But perhaps we are too harsh in our criticism? After all, there was at least a Wilhelm scream in there, and Jay Pharoah looks pretty good as a shirtless President Obama. It’s actually just been so long since we’ve watched SNL that we kind of forgot it’s still on, and yet it’s still magically just as stale as when we gave up on it years ago.

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