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Let’s Count All The Things Wrong With The New Downton Abbey Season Four Trailer

matthew dies downton abbeyBehold the Downton Abbey Season Four Trailer! Look upon it, and be amazed! AMAZED AT ALL THE THINGS WRONG WITH IT!

Did you see them? Did you find all the things wrong with this Downton Abbey Season Four Trailer? NO, we are not talking about the Slippery Slide to People Marrying Their Handbags that is a white woman dancing with a black man. (We leave that for Unrepentant Racists Always Getting So Angry About The Black Man Keeping Them Down.) We are not talking about the quick cuts back and forth from one boring scene to another, like it is early MTV here to break all our attention spans. We are not talking about Dame Maggie Smith giving wise, tender, boring life lessons instead of being an awesome old lady bitch, who are the best kind of bitches.


Actually, it was a trick question. The only thing that is wrong with this Downton Abbey Season Four trailer, besides the fact that it is kind of boring, like, it is boring enough looking at your own baby let alone someone else’s, is that it does not show Matthew dying last season. Because for real, and not joking, when he died I laughed out loud, because of how it was SOOOOO DOWNTON, and also HILARIOUS.

Just me?


Or there’s this one. Which horrid glurgey sadfan tribute vid do you like better?

Will someone do us a favor and whip up some Youtube magic with this a capella version of Toto’s Africa? Cuz that’d be great.

[Via Jezebel]

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