Let Happy Show You How To Throw A Mouth Party With This Potatoes Au Gratin And Ham

Let Happy Show You How To Throw A Mouth Party With This Potatoes Au Gratin And Ham

You and me, we are having a mouth party because we are going to eat the most exciting thing on my menu this week – Potatoes Au Gratin with Ham. Cue the fireworks and whoosssh, BABOOM!

Potatoes Au Gratin and Ham. Everything about this says ACTION and PARADE. You got your heavy cream, a favorite of kittens and Prince. There is sweet Plugra butter, so smooth that it seems to have been churned with baby legs. Here come the potatoes, professional pub-goer and tuber of the people. Is that you garlic – a universal party master to many nations? Bust my buttons, cheese too! Activate the hockey siren, because there is ham – the Las Vegas of meats!


Here come the ingredients, on the red carpet now!

2 tbsp. unsalted butter
4 potatoes, diced
2 c. heavy cream
½ c. milk
5 garlic cloves, minced fine
Salt and pepper
3 tbsp. all purpose flour
2 small ham steaks, trimmed and cubed
2 c. shredded cheddar
½ c. shredded Asiago

Crank your oven to 425°, and drop the beat. Line a big casserole dish with smearings of butter, make a big deal of it and show it off to people you know. “Isn’t this lovely, do you love my butter smears?” Oh my GOD YES.

Grab four potatoes and dice them up – slice and quarter. Leave the skin on. For the purpose of our recipe, you were born outside in a crossfire hurricane, and you eat skin!

Throw the diced potatoes in a casserole pan.

Pour the heavy cream, milk, flour, salt, pepper and minced garlic into a respectable mixing bowl and whisk it. The whisk we bought has literally paid for itself by now! Without it we would have to motorboat the contents of your mixing bowl (something to try at another party, yes?).

Add the diced ham to the pan, and mix it up with the potatoes. Pour the liquid over this and make sure everything is nice and coated. Spoon it around a little bit, if you catch my drift. If some chunks are not completely immersed but mostly soaked, that’s OK! Cover that pan with foil like it is your job.

Bake this until it is bubbling up. Bubbling to the point that it’s singing “Happy” – about 45-50 minutes. Sprinkle the cheese combo over the dish and let that cook for about 10-15 minutes more. The cheese is going to run through the cream and potatoes like an elegant lava (“because it’s happeeeeeee/because it’s happeeee…”).

I would definitely recommend letting your casserole sit for five minutes. Even ten. If you launch too soon, your mouth will feel like any crotch caught in a fast-food coffee accident. Be the hero, take your time, and protect your taste buds!

FYI – Plugra may be European style butter, but it is made by the Dairy Farmers of America, and it is definitely pronounced “ploo-GRAH.” If anyone in your presence has tried to call it “plew-RAH” they are making it up. I called the DFoA. Now we know!

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