The Best Things On The Internet Today. You’re Welcome.

The Best Things On The Internet Today. You're Welcome.

It’s high time we got around to telling you what else to read on the Internet, because we are a full-service blog like that.

Medium has what is probably the best thing ever (except something by us, natch) about all the cool new media jobs you could get.

Feminism is changing—we’re changing with it! Our legendary women’s vertical launched as “Dworkinville” (2001-2007), was renamed “” after a rollup (2008-2009), then re-rebranded as “Slutbox Junction” (2010-2014). Now we’re just calling the site “Tits” and targeting it to men 15-79. Our last editor (aka Edit Queen) left to work for some magazine with salaries, so we need a new QUEEN, TITS. Who is the ideal candidate? He or she is a fifth-to-ninth wave feminist who can speak with authority about the patriarchy while mollifying advertisers and reviewing panties, simultaneously appealing to men but never mentioning the issue of class. If that’s you, send us a photo of you at the beach.

Smoking Gun has the story of this dude who posed as a wealthy bachelor for Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” except he is not a millionaire, he is a destitute con artist who tried to extort monies from the federal government. Whoops!


Over at The Toast, they’ve improved upon J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, because Christ, someone had to do it.

Vulture has this week’s missing “Game of Thrones” episode, because you people cannot go one minute without boobs and bloodshed, now can you? SPOILER ALERT: the imagined summary of the missing episode is exactly at long as it would be if George R.R. Martin got his mitts on it.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, you probably totally wanted to see what your favorite GoT characters would look like if they were rendered by Disney, didn’t you? Uproxx has got you covered.

Dangerous Minds unearthed a video of Norman Mailer on the Merv Griffin show back in 1980, which is an actual thing that happened.

Go read those things, come back here. You know the drill.

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