Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 8 of 15)

Once she’s done bringing passive-aggressive behavior to a whole new level, Allison finally admits that she’s still upset about seeing Leonard with “that 19 year old”. No way! Really? Well, if it helps any, she’s got to be 26 by now.

Allison then spots a giant platter of rice and shrimp. Yeah, I think we all know where this is going. She says it’s Leonard’s “favorite”, and we cut to Duchamp giving a big old bug-eyed look right into the camera, leaving little doubt of what’s about to occur.

Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 8 of 15)

Allison full-on shoves the platter in Leonard’s face, covering his head with rice and shrimp. She pretends to sound apologetic, picking grains of rice off his face. Cut to Duchamp as he looks into the camera and says, “Cancel the grits!” True dat.

Caption contributed by Albert

And now to add the secret ingredient: Cosby Snot!

Leonard exits the house covered in food. Frayn’s VO says, “Something told me at a glance that the evening had not gone well.” Something told me at a glance that making this film had not gone well. Frayn asks Leonard if it had something to do with the tie. Yeah.

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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