Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 7 of 15)

For no reason, we get a flashback clip of Allison’s lips inviting Leonard to dinner, and then random shots of Leonard jumping on his bed. Then, another shot of him kissing Frayn. Because we really needed more footage of Leonard kissing Frayn.

The camera pans down from a big wall mural of Cosby, where Leonard has a cream mask on, cucumbers on his eyes, and four blondies are giving him manicures and pedicures. And one of the women looks directly into the camera as it passes in front of her. Way to go, blondie. You had one stupid fifteen-second appearance, and you couldn’t even get that right.

As all four women with their big ‘80s hair each file away at their own appendage, they look beside themselves at getting to hold Bill Cosby’s feet.

Caption contributed by Albert

Hey ladies, do his toes smell like Jell-O pudding?

More useless shots of Frayn picking out ties in the big wardrobe room follow. Frayn then enters the Manicure Room and plucks a cucumber off Leonard’s eye to show him a tie, but Leonard just shakes his head.

Cut to Leonard doing aerobics to a video, while Frayn continues to yell at him through the golden megaphone. Because silence is golden, and so is obnoxious noise. Wait, so Leonard is working out to get in shape in time for the dinner with Allison… which is happening the following night? Oh, right, that’s the “joke”.

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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