Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 6 of 15)

So, back to the CIA agent sitting in his car. He looks kind of like James Cromwell, but he’s not James Cromwell, obviously. There’s a shot of his rear tire as a frog hops into view. The frog ribbits, and suddenly a few more frogs hop into view. And then a few more. You may be tempted to guess where this is going, but believe me, you won’t guess where this is going.

The agent is too wrapped up in listening to his audio surveillance and taking pictures to notice that there are now dozens of frogs hopping around behind his car. It’s all very much like that scene at the end of Magnolia, only without Tom Cruise crying.

Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 6 of 15)

Once again, Mr. Eyebrow-Deficient is on the scene. He pokes his head out of a nearby guard booth as even more frogs hop under the agent’s car, constantly ribbiting. Inside the car, the agent, listening attentively to his earpiece, begins writing on his notepad: “Gribbit Gribbit”. Hilarious.

Back to Mr. Sans Eyebrows, who yells into a phone, “Quelish!” There’s an ominous close-up on a frog, and a second later, the agent’s entire car bounces up in the air.

You read that right. The frogs have all gathered beneath the agent’s car and are actually lifting it up and bouncing it across the pavement. There’s a poorly done greenscreen model shot of the car getting bounced across the pier, then tossed over the railing and into the water.

Caption contributed by Albert

Don’t fuck with Frogger!

As the car splashes down, Medusa watches from a window in the factory and cackles evilly. Then there’s a shot of the agent struggling against his window as the car sinks. Comedy gold!

Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 6 of 15)

So which is the worst case scenario: Trapped in a sinking car, or trapped in this sinking movie?

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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  • Thiago

    “Once the video release and initial round of cable showings were over, the legend goes that Cosby bought the distribution rights to Leonard Part 6 so that the film could never be shown anywhere again. And for a long time, the lack of a DVD release seemed to bear out that legend.”

    Well, “anywhere” is an overstatement, I watched the movie on broadcast television in Brazil when I was a child.

  • Cristiona

    I finally saw this movie. Holy, Hell, but it’s even worse than this recap makes it seem.
    And, to make things worse, I think I understand it. It’s an Airplane! cargo cult. They saw the zany, rapid fire jokes in Airplane! and figured that’s all they needed to do. And just like in the south Pacific, it doesn’t fucking work.
    Just completely awful on every level. Especially since there was actually potential. I mean, for example, the joke about the title. Dammit, that’s actually almost clever and with a good writer, it could have worked. But no, they just let it plop down on the floor.

  • NixEclips

    If Cosby helped write it was he the one with such a disdain for vegitarianism, then? Somebody sure thought it was hilarious.