Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 5 of 15)

That night, as Leonard’s Rolls pulls into his driveway, the butler’s VO informs us that Leonard quit the CIA because of his wife. She thought being a secret agent meant “jumping into bed with a lot of blond people”, har har, and so Leonard quit in the hopes she would come back to him.

The butler greets Leonard at the door, and we finally learn the butler’s name is “Frayn”. I wonder if his great-great-grandson will be named Arthur, and appear in an even worse movie? Leonard asks if his wife called, and once again, she didn’t. He then sees an enormous stack of luggage in the foyer and immediately realizes his daughter has come to pay a visit. Oh, that crazy Sandra!

Actually, his daughter is named Joan, and she immediately comes running up to give him a hug, and Joan is played by our final Repeat Offender, Victoria Rowell. She’s got on a standard late ‘80s outfit consisting of a white sunhat and a shirt with sleeves too long. And the late ‘80s outfit wouldn’t be complete without the snooty, clenched-jaw, spoiled-brat attitude that Victoria puts on to go with it.

Caption contributed by Albert

“But Daddy, I can too be the most annoying character ever!”

In conversation, it comes out that Joan is fighting with her mom about her to need to “express [her]self”, and how Mom might not even make it to the opening night of her play. Joan truly believes that the play she’s in will make her a star. Cut to Cosby looking bored, but at least this time, understandably so.

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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