Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 4 of 15)

Monroe then gets a touch of Talking Killer’s Syndrome, jubilantly explaining how he’s about to kill “the number one agent in the Western world!” And that’s true, you know. I just read the whole top 100 Movers and Shakers list in Secret Agent Monthly.

Leonard claims he’s retired from the spy stuff, but Monroe says that isn’t what “Nick Snyderburn” said. And then, for some bizarre reason, Monroe takes a moment to wrap the barrel of his gun in a towel. To function as a silencer, I guess?

Leonard immediately uses this distraction to break free and run away. Monroe shoots at Leonard, putting a couple of bullets in a side of beef. The gunshots are still extremely loud, so I don’t know what wrapping the gun in a towel was supposed to accomplish. But then again, none of the chefs seem to notice bullets whizzing right past their heads, so maybe it did work, after all.

But then the towel wrapped around the gun catches fire [?], so Monroe tosses it away. It lands on a grill and the grill erupts into flames. The chefs, however, are ecstatic. They yell things like “Ah! Crepes flambé!” and continue cooking over the roaring fire. Funny, right? And if you find this bit gutbustingly hilarious, then you’re in luck, because they’re about to repeat the joke roughly 500 times over the next three minutes.

Caption contributed by Albert

I’d make the obvious “firearm” joke here, but I’m too lazy.

Monroe continues shooting at Leonard, who’s currently hiding behind a support beam. For no apparent reason, Leonard holds out a pot. Also for no apparent reason, Monroe puts about five bullets into the pot. I know the pot is about as expressive as Bill Cosby’s face in this movie, but that’s still no excuse for confusing the two.

Leonard hands the pot to another nonchalant chef, telling him to “make spaghetti.” And the chef actually uses the hole-ridden pot to strain pasta, yuk yuk. And there’s nothing quite like the taste of gunpowder residue to make your linguine sing!

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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