Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 12 of 15)

Frayn blah blah blahs, and then tells us Leonard decided it was “time to reassert his parental authority”, so he returns to the dressing room. Inside, he’s shocked to find the entire cast tied up and gagged. Even though I’ve been to cast parties like this, apparently this is the work of Señor Sans Eyebrows.

Caption contributed by Albert

“It was Proctor and Gamble! They said to take their product out of this movie, or else!”

Leonard removes Joan’s gag and she says a guy took Mom. Sure enough, Leonard finds a note taped to Joan that’s written in a total ransom font, telling him to bring back the Sphere in exchange for his wife. Leonard immediately runs to his car, telling Frayn they have to get the Sphere. Okay, then. I guess you don’t want to untie your daughter, or anything crazy like that.

Cut to the current location of the Sphere, over at CIA headquarters. The CIA guys (a group that once again includes Joe Don and Grace Zabriskie) are in a laboratory filled with caged rabbits, experimenting with the Sphere.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Hang on! The bunny is about to write the next scene in the script!”

Snyderburn says they need to get the Sphere to work, and he even adds, “Why, I could rule the world with this thing!” Um, what? That’s not really something you want to hear from a CIA agent tasked with dealing with weapons of mass destruction. Especially when he’s played by Joe Don Baker. Can you imagine a world ruled by Joe Don? Everything would be made out of ham. Trust me on that.

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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