Leonard Part 6 (1987) (part 10 of 15)

Cut to Leonard, who’s now “dancing” to more of The Nutcracker Suite. Oddly, Leonard’s visor has spontaneously gone from clear to completely dark and face-obscuring in this shot, but I’m sure that has no special relevance. Also, Leonard is looking much slimmer in this shot. It’s a wonder what good lighting can do, isn’t it?

Up in her lair, Medusa says, “Grape me!” Someone drops an entire bunch of grapes in her hand, which she then shoves in her mouth. This might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Caption contributed by Albert

“I will destroy the world!! …Starting with all the produce!”

Meanwhile, Leonard is doing the ballet leaps we saw during the opening teaser. And with that, it’s one really lame foreshadowed event down, two more to go.

As he dances, Frayn’s VO intrudes once again to explain that Leonard helped Mikhail Baryshnikov defect by working undercover with the Bolshoi Ballet at the time. And then a few years later, the world got White Nights. Thanks, Leonard!

And then it’s back to Broadway Hell. The bird guys again emerge from the cloak, and now Leonard easily dispatches them all. And it’s all thanks to the point shoes, you see. We know this because Frayn’s disembodied voice explains that Leonard’s dancing experience is currently coming in handy for him. Yep. Thanks for clearing that up.

Feathers fly everywhere as Leonard uses deft moves to take out all the bird men. And I do believe he even kicks one bird guy in the nest eggs, if you know what I mean. Finally, he has a few of them cornered, and here’s where those hair clippers come in handy.

Cut away to Medusa looking pained, and when we cut back to Leonard, a “naked” (i.e., in flesh-colored tights) bird man is hanging from the ceiling, and feathers fly everywhere as Leonard runs the clippers up and down the guy’s body. Ugh. My mind has now been sullied.

Caption contributed by Albert

Sullied, I tell you!

There’s a shot of the buzzards freaking out, which actually stops in the middle and then plays in reverse. That wasn’t even close to seamless, because you can clearly see one of the buzzards walk forward, stop, and then walk backwards. What, are they trying to outdo the pigeon double take in Moonraker? What was the point of that? Did this movie have an editor, or did they just leave a homeless guy alone in a room with the negative and a rusty pair of garden shears?

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Multi-Part Article: Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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