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Welcome to Zorro De Mayo, an entire month dedicated to the Spanish swashbuckler! In this first video, Renegado takes a look at the follow-up to The Mask of Zorro (previously reviewed here), which is a sequel that probably shouldn’t have been made.

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  • Muthsarah

    Zorro de Mayo? Cool frijoles! Gonna cover the 1940 Tyrone Power flick? Where Zorro is actually set up as kinda-explicitly Spanish, and not vaguely-Mexican(-American), which would at the least fit Banderas? ‘Cuz I actually saw that recently. Not exactly a match for “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, given that there was really only one decent fight scene, but OK….I guess. Well worth a look from a classicist point of view, if you’re going for completionism.

    Nice Klaus Badelt ripoff score. Which is fine, ‘cuz he’s ripped off plenty of others, so it’s all fair game now.

    A Zorro movie actually did a “crotch-blow-followed-by-reaction-shot” thing? That’s seriously pathetic. Might as well cut away to a dog holding its paw over its eyes. A crotch shot is one thing, but ANY reaction shot is the kiss of death for remotely sophisticated comedy. Never, EVER, a sign of a remotely-classy movie.

    Regarding the Americanization of it all…would Zorro REALLY be so objectionable to “his” California being part of the US, as opposed to Mexico? Does he really come off that much as a nationalist to you, or just some guy who only cares about the well-being of the commoners? I’d like to think a caped crusader wouldn’t be so petty as to hold nationalism above anything else. And while America wasn’t exactly accepting of “minorities” during the late 19th century, it’s not like Mexico didn’t have its own share of problems during that period. At worst, Alejandro wouldn’t be able to pass himself off as an landed aristocrat (if that’s even part of his disguise, as was for the original de la Vega), but as a vigilante…why not? At the very least, some less cartoonishly-evil American villains? ‘Cuz both movies so clearly had them. I mean…pickling a guy’s severed head in brine and keeping it as a keepsake? Most Nazis would prolly be taken aback at that.

    P.S. NitroGLYcerin is pronounced with a short “y”. As in “I”. As in “itty bitty little kitten”.

    • Jerry Nava

      I definetely intend cover the Tyrone film yeah! Not sure if I’m gonna do it this month, depends on how much time I have left once I finish the list I’m using right now. But yeah, the set up is better than most of the Zorro films.

      Fun fact. The music I used was inspired on the music on the Legend Of Zorro trailer which in turn *sounds* like it was inspired on Klaus Badelt “He’s A Pirate” but in reality it was inspired on the music for the Mask Of Zorro trailer, which came out *before* Pirates of the Caribbean! I know, confusing. Here’s the Mask Of Zorro trailer for reference (skip to minute 2:30)

      You are correct, Zorro’s Americanization shouldn’t be objectionable at all! The problem in *this* specific adaptation is the corner the writers got themselves into. They chose to make Mask Of Zorro a story in Mexico, about Mexico, so the blunt turn to “America is better!” feels a bit wrong, no matter how historically accurate (and let’s not talk about the movie’s other inaccuracies xD).

      I’m so glad you brought Captain Love. The big difference between him and Armand is that Love is not a main baddie, Armand is, he’s the antagonist of the story and Zorro’s motivation to fight him sucks.

      For comparison:

      Captain Love: Killed his brother.
      Armand: Wants to destroy America.

      Armand sounds like the bigger threat but it’s the least personal and as a result, least interesting.
      As a plus Armand’s actor is boring as fuck, while Love is…cheesy evil. So yeah, he is better despite being as cartoony.

      -Haha, damn my pronunciation, thanks for the correction!

  • Animikean

    I do hope my favorite Zorro movie is reviewed (though I won’t reveal which one for fear of banishment)

  • Zee Panda

    I did not see this movie because I had a bad feeling about it. I can tell from your review that I would not like it but this review itself was one of your most entertaining reviews. I am looking forward to the rest of Zorro de mayo – I have always liked the Zorro character.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Zorro month? Oh hell yeah!