LaVar Burton ruins your child’s love of Mario Lopez

As best I can tell, ABC gives Jimmy Kimmel a full hour every night to try and produce one worthy YouTube clip a month. Well, his August quota has already been met.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you LaVar Burton’s new children’s series Tweeting Rainbow. Today, LaVar reads tweets from Mario Lopez and Snoop Dogg:

Of course, LaVar was actually on Kimmel’s show to promote the app-based resurrection of his beloved classic children’s TV show Roots.

ABC > Disney-ABC Television Group > Disney Media Networks > The Walt Disney Company

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  • Martin

    OMG, I had such a teenage crush on Lieutenant Commander La Forge. He always took his Visor off before we had sex in exotic holo deck environments…Btw. I think he is spelt LeVar Burton.

  • Come here a minute

    @LevarBurton is the #best