All of last week’s ratings winners in one post

The full week at once…

Sunday (Sept. 28) night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. Sunday Night Football, as always, dominated the night, this time running away with 22.7 million viewers.

2. The football pregame was number two on the list with 13.0 million.

3. CBS has created a counter-programming powerhouse with Madam Secretary, which earned 12.7 million in its second outing…


4. …which was even stronger than its big sister The Good Wife, which nabbed 11.1 million, although both shows are performing abysmally in the demo. But it’s CBS and it’s Sunday, so that’s kind of a one-two punch right in the 18-49s.

5. Once Upon a Time scored an impressive 10.2 million by adding Frozen characters to the lineup. For comparison, Once nearly triples Madam Secretary and The Good Wife in the demo. (Once Upon a Time recap here.)

6. CSI arrested 9.4 million of its The Good Wife lead-in audience.

7. And the season premiere of The Simpsons narrowly edged out the season premiere of Family Guy for the seventh spot, 8.53 million vs. 8.45 million.

Monday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. The whole universe was in a hot, dense state; then 16.4 million people tuned in to The Big Bang Theory,which far and away won the night.

2. Then 13.4 million of those people didn’t bother to change the station and ended up watching episode 2 of Scorpion.

3. The Voice was heard (and watched) by 12.9 million.

4. Dancing With the Starswas stepping all over The Voice’s heels with 12.5 million. (Dancing With the Stars recap here.)

5. The Earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, and 12.3 million people tuned in for a Big Bang Theory rerun.

6. Castle secured 10.8 million, edging out…

7. The Blacklist with 10.5 million.

Also of note, Gotham gets a mediocre at best 7.5 million.

Tuesday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. The original NCIS proved to be the best with 18.8 million total viewers.

2. Following close behind was NCIS: New Orleans with 16.6 million. (For the record, NCIS: Los Angeles on Mondays tends to fall just under 10 million, but doesn’t get the massive NCIS lead-in.)

3. The Voice is crowing about 13.7 million viewers.

4. Person of Interest piqued the interest of 10.7 million.

5. Chicago Fireis lukewarm with 8.7 million.

6. Forever is well behind with 5.7 million. (Forever recap here.)

7. Selfie gets 5.3 million, edging out Agents of SHIELD with 5.1 million. (Agents of SHIELD recap here.)

And let’s all point and laugh at Utopia with its pathetic 1.99 million.

Wednesday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. Criminal Minds snuck away with a win with 11.7 million viewers.

2. Modern Family was close behind with 10.6 million.

3. Survivor is still going strong with 9.5 million.

4. Stalker is a police procedural on CBS. Was 9.1 million pretty much a gimme or does this qualify as an impressive debut? Since it’s actually winning the demo in its 10/9 time slot, I’m going to have to admit it’s reasonably impressive.

5. The Mysteries of Laura is likewise impressing, wrapping up 9.0 million.

6. black-ish is doing great for a freshman sitcom with 8.3 million.

7. Law & Order: SVU continues to survive if not thrive with 7.7 million.

And let’s all point and laugh at the sick & dying kids on Red Band Society, which is flatlining with 3.3 million.

Thursday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. Thursday Night Football can’t approach its Sunday night cousin, but it continues to outpace its same-night competition with 16.5 million total viewers.

2. ABC’s Shonda Rhimes block is a ratings juggernaut with newcomer How to Get Away with Murder earning 12.2 million. (Recap Monday!)


3. Scandal scores 10.7 million.

4. And Grey’s Anatomy earns 8.4 million.

5. Back to football, the pregame takes 8.8 million.

6. Bones makes the list with 6.4 million.

7. Bad Judge made its case to a paltry 5.8 million.

Also of note, sitcom A to Z made its debut to a weak 4.8 million, pretty much a tie with whodunit Gracepoint’s series premiere. (Gracepoint recap here.)

Friday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. Blue Bloods won the stay-in crowd with 10.7 million viewers.

2. Hawaii Five-O was reasonably close behind with 9.7 million.

3. Shark Tank stayed afloat with 7.1 million.

4. Last Man Standing is still standing with 6.6 million.

5. The Amazing Race ran off with 6.3 million.

6. Dateline earned 5.4 million…

7. …with 20/20 trailing behind at 4.8 million.

And, as always, let’s point and laugh at Utopia‘s increasingly pathetic 1.75 million viewers.

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