At Last, You Get To See Paula Deen On Your Television Again

Remember how your very own Wonkette broke the Paula Deen lawsuit story about how she was super discriminate-y and awful, and everyone was like meh until she admitted she liked antebellum South things because duh? We were on top of that and you have not given us our proper due. Oh well. Have you guys been missing racist tub of butter Paula Deen since the Food Network came to its senses and made her go away? Probably not! That really doesn’t matter to your teevee, though, which will be bringing Paula Deen into your home at 10 p.m. Eastern tonight, because apparently you’ve been very bad.

…the one-hour special will deal with things like Paula’s struggles with agoraphobia and the chaotic aftermath of her departure from the Food Network. […] The folks weighing in on Deen’s most recent tribulations include her sons, her lawyers, a black guy and, um, Anthony Bourdain.

Is there a way to set your VCR to make sure you miss something??


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  • bumfug

    “Is there a way to set your VCR to make sure you miss something??”Just to be on the safe side, do what I do in a case like this – unplug it.P.S., Haha! VCR!

  • merl1

    News would be old Southern white lady NOT a racist. Old Southern white lady is a racist isn’t news. I would have been surprised if she weren’t a racist.

  • Sam__Sara

    Crap, just when my karmic cholesterol was going down.

  • Vinnie Saltine

    “Paula’s struggles dealing with ‘agoraphobia'”….I’m sure she meant “negroaphobia”.

  • GarColga

    It’ll be great to finally get the details on this important story. Just kidding who cares.

  • Gayer Than Thou

    Is her hot son going to come out? Not that I would even watch for that, but at least I’d know what to be googling tomorrow.

    • Buddha Stalin

      It’s always a great day when a hot son comes out.

  • I can’t wait to not see it!Shut up forever, Paula Deen.

    • discus_sucks_ass

      Personally I will assiduously and with malice aforethought avoid it at all costs.

  • redarmyzombie

    I’m sorry; what is this “VCR” of which you speak?

  • Señor Skwerl

    She does not have agoraphobia. She wouldn’t be a attention whore if she had it.

  • She should have Anthony Bourdain on and they should fight to the death in the stupid pond by her house. I say this because I know Anthony would win and show no mercy!

  • iwannanancyboy

    One day I thank myself I don’t have cable or this VCR you speak of.

  • Does it make me a racist that I wasn’t surprised white southern lady who stole a bunch of recipes from the help is a racist? But that’s not why I think she’s awful. She’s awful because she promotes a diet that hastens death and a lot of awful diseases that come before it. She’s awful because even after she developed diabetes because of her diet, she continued to promote this shitty non-food.

  • ZorakHendrix

    My VCR is steam powered and I have to turn the big crank a bunch of times before it’ll record, so no prob. And then I gotta fiddle with the rabbit ears on top ‘o the colored tevelision looky-box. Gawd damn those rabbit ears!Now, who is this Paula Deen person? She do any porn?

  • Cuberly

    You own a VCR?

  • jsdc007

    I thought she was dead.

  • Axomamma

    Wait, I thought this was “Happy Nice Time People.” What’s she doing here?

  • Guest

    Holy, Yeshua, now I can die happy!