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The DVD Shelf takes a look at Lars and the Real Girl, a charming story about a boy and his doll. Ryan Gosling plays Lars, a delusional man who orders a love doll off the internet and develops a romantic relationship with her, much to the chagrin of his family and acquaintances. David takes a look at the DVD and its special features, and all the while, he surfs the web to find out how to order a Real Doll of his own.

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  • If you were serious about buying a RealDoll, maybe she can guest-star in your future videos.

    • That would require some serious dedication on David’s part… Those Real Dolls cost about $10,000 each.

      …or so I’ve heard.

      • MephLord

        I just checked the website (and regret it) but they are $6000. So not out of reason if someone has enough money in the bank.

        • In that case, I think every reviewer should chip in a few hundred bucks so we can buy one, and then we could send the doll around the world to cameo in all of our reviews! I’m sure Porn Critic would find many ways to use it.

          …In his reviews, I mean.

          • MichaelANovelli

            I dunno, those things can be fragile. Only reason Charlie Sheen never turned up in another video was because my cat got a hold of him. True story.

          • MephLord

            Don’t you think the female recappers would get all mad if there wasn’t a male doll as well?

          • danbreunig

            Hm, great suggestion–although I’d like to suggest one a little more practical but also fun.

            Does the Booth have an official mascot (like a toy or doll), or a more solid plaque version of the sword logo (or original Star Trek style logo)? This could be a small thing/object/toy/doll/etc. mailed around to each reviewer, and each reviewer could feature it in a video and then autograph it. When it finally comes back to Dr. O`Boogie, he can feature the item in all its glory with every reviewer’s stamp on it. I’ve seen other sites do something like this, most notably the now-defunct–so this may be up for consideration. Whatcha think?

          • Interesting idea, though I can’t imagine most of our reviewers would be able to afford shipping on something heavy like a plaque. I suppose we could send around a few of the official Agony Booth T-shirts for everyone to sign, and then maybe have a contest or something to give the shirts away at some point.

          • danbreunig

            Now that sounds a lot more feasible. Although even a shirt can cost a bundle to ship, especially for our overseas reviewers. The next closest thing may be just a document with the AB logo: “The Agony Booth salutes it contributors etc.” and everyone’s autograph. I didn’t even start thinking about this until you mentioned the communal RealDoll, and I just started dreaming away from there.

  • The Horror Guru

    I love this movie and your review was very well done. =)

  • Mark Brown

    Just watched this, and it was indeed awesome. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • danbreunig

    I must admit–I was originally a doubter when I thought the title was a Sundance equivalent of Hot Tub Time Machine (i.e. dumb com), and I wasn’t observant of too many movies coming out in 2007 except for a few–so it’s passed out of my memory since. Based just on this review alone though, I definitely want to see it, especially because it’s not a pigeonhole movie that’s either all about humor or all about drama; instead it’s all about heart. So thanks for the awesome review, David! (and for the review “subplot” too).

  • $36060516

    I can’t watch this video as I just got through a messy divorce with my Real Doll and it was too painful of an experience for me to relive at this time.