VIDEO: Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986)

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Sofie’s Miyazaki March continues with the first Miyazaki movie in the Studio Ghibli era. And yes, before you say it, she knows what “Laputa” means in Spanish.

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Tag: Movie Dorkness: Miyazaki March

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  • Muthsarah

    Are you gonna be covering Whisper of the Heart? Written by, but not directed, by Miyazaki.

    • Sofie Liv

      Not at this time.

      Right now it’ll only the feature lenght movies Miyazaki directed.

      Maybe i’ll do a sequel to Miyazaki march at a later time and cover some of his shorts and written work by then.
      It’s a big maybe though, so no promises.

  • “Laputa” is to “La Puta”, as “the penis” is to “the pen is”. Such an observation is pretty meaningless.

    Miyazaki became a sort of Alan Moore figure in Anime, he downplays other people’s hard work and lauds his own, while ignoring how much of his own work is derived from the culture he came from. It makes him a dick.

    I like “Laputa” though I can hardly be said to have watched a lot of Miyazaki’s work, it was one of the 5 or so I have seen, and I much prefer it to “Howl’s”.

    • CRD-CDF

      “Miyazaki became a sort of Alan Moore figure in Anime, he downplays other people’s hard work and lauds his own, while ignoring how much of his own work is derived from the culture he came from. It makes him a dick.”

      Hmm interesting, I’d love to know some examples.

      • It is actually really easy to find Alan Moore being an asshole, especially when he talks about Grant Morrison, or how everyone is trying to ape the style of “Watchmen”, calling them derivative and overly deconstructive (this coming from the man whose most prominent work by a wide margin could be classified as fan fiction of classic science fiction literary figures).

        Miyazaki is not nearly that abrasive (the press mostly describes him as “grumpy” because calling a Japanese man in his late sixties who makes cartoons a dick would be impolite). But he is not known for being a warm or nice person to work for or with. The character of Porco Rosso is said to be somewhat based on this prickly demeanor, though I can’t find the source on that right now.

        • $36060516

          “or how everyone is trying to ape the style of “Watchmen”, calling them derivative and overly deconstructive”

          Maybe you’ve seen things I haven’t, but the main complaints I saw from him regarding others and Watchmen was when DC hired other people to do prequels to his story. It seems to me that mostly the people whose work he downplays (fairly or not) are those who he’s had direct personal conflicts with (including Grant Morrison). At least I haven’t noticed otherwise; could be wrong. I guess I do remember the time he claimed that “Blackest Night” was based on something he wrote much earlier for DC, and his case seemed weak, but it was again a case of him thinking his creations were being stolen. I do think he is self-destructive with some of his feuding. But I do see a difference in what he’s done with “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and what DC did with the Watchmen prequels.

          • Alan Moore is (the more I google my previous statement’s assumptions) a hundred times more mean and arrogant than Miyazaki. I had seen some stuff about him and Morrison having some happy slaps over sexism in comics and again with him not putting his name on anything adapted from his work (including a Justice League episode based on a Superman comic he wrote, “For the Man Who Has Everything”), and just thought he was dickish like Miyazaki, talking down to an industry that considers him an exemplar, but then you look at Moore in interviews about how the last 20-30 years of comics might as well not happened because they are all just ripping off the stuff he did in the 80’s.

            Even when you ignore “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (which has a Harry Potter character which shoots lightning from his penis) Moore also wrote “Lost Girls” which is porn written about Alice in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. And also has a Harry Potter stand in. He derives a lot of the oomph of his stories from playing with the expectations people have of established characters, but barks whenever someone else plays with his creations. It is very hypocritical.

          • $36060516

            He satirized the mass media phenomenon Harry Potter, which is no different than what Mad Magazine or any other satirist does. Most of the other characters he’s used are by long dead authors and the properties are in the public domain. This is different than DC releasing several prequels to “Watchmen” for which he signed a contract with DC which stated he and Dave Gibbons would regain ownership of that story and characters when the graphic novel collection went out of print, and which DC has kept in print continuously for 30 years so as to exploit that technicality so the authors will never get ownership back.

            DC’s entire Vertigo line of comic books was based on Alan Moore’s work on Swamp Thing making popular the reimagining of DC’s stranger superhero properties in comics intended mainly for adults. In that series he also created John Constantine, Hellblazer, which became one of the main pillars of Vertigo, and the authorial tone of most of the Vertigo comics followed the basic style he set in Swamp Thing. So I do think he has certain reasons to be angry about this company making so much money off of what he created while fucking him over on that Watchmen contract, rubbing the salt of the bastardized Watchmen prequels (which compromise his vision for those characters) into the wound of his not owning the comic as the contract implied he would. And he is correct that the Vertigo line was built on authors mimicking a style he created. That style may have precedent in certain darker 2000AD comics (by various authors), where he developed his voice before working for DC, but it had never before been applied to American superheroes. Gaiman’s later “The Sandman,” does for Jack Kirby’s creation “The Sandman” what Moore did for “Swamp Thing.” I doubt it would have existed without him.

          • Sofie Liv

            All in all, the comic book industry has been acting like douchbags for a long time to a lot of original creators.

            And it’s not any-thing new at all unfortunately, neither is Alan Moore a single unique case of some-one whom created some-thing that became very very popular, and then were cheated out of the rights for that creation having the comic book companies totally take over and take their creations away from them.

            That is exactly why Bill Watterson refused to sell the license to Calvin and Hobbes to any-one, no matter how much money they offered him, and he has been offered A LOT!

            He knew from the beginning of he did it some-body would eventually screw both him and his creation over, bringing it in a direction he does not want.

            And Alan Moore has been screwed royally on so many occasions that you can’t really blame him for turning into that little hobo man living in a small wooden hud at the cliff side of an island… You would think that’s a joke I just made up.. but it’s not.. That’s how alan Moore lifes now..

          • $36060516

            He he. I love that description, Sofie. I think I’m a little hobo man too!

          • danbreunig

            Sounds like a fantastic proposition, to live the woodland hobo life…

            I have so much respect for Bill Watterson, both for his Calvin & Hobbes strip (grew up reading those in the paper and helped me to take up cartooning) and for the man himself. I can’t think of another cartoonist who fought long and hard against the system–and actually succeeded!–to make sure his work would never become commercialized.

          • $36060516

            Dave Sim, who self-published 300 issues of his comic book “Cerebus” comes to mind, but he also kind of went nuts in the process!

          • Sofie Liv

            Actually.. I think the entertainment industry, no matter which genre you are in.. Is pure poison for common reason.

            Especially ones you reach the “Famouse.” spectre where you are, inside of the real industry.

            Writers, Comic book artists, directors, painters, actors, musicians.. Ones they make it big it’s mostly only a question before they got NUTS!

            That’s what the industry does to them, it takes a very special person not to be affected.

            So yeah, two options ones you go so far. Either turn to alcohold, drugs and douchbaggery to cope or turn into that hobbo in the middle of a forest yelling. “LEAVE ME ALONE YOU DAMN JITTERWAGGERS!” when-ever some-one tries to get close..

            I’m still in my rebel phase pre big-break out though, living for nothing on a very small space, so there’s still some time before I have to decide which way I have to go.

            Because yeah, I am totally headed for stardom and insanity, isn’t that obvious!?!?

          • Muthsarah

            Baby, you’re a star already.

          • Sofie Liv


          • danbreunig

            You mean this *isn’t* already stardom and insanity? ;)

          • Sofie Liv

            Stardom.. I wish.. insanity… yes… yes it is.

            The internet is the most insane place created by mankind yet.. trade in with care.

          • $36060516

            I’m starting my own show called “That Damn Jitterwagger!”

          • Sofie Liv

            I am licencing that!

    • Muthsarah

      “Miyazaki became a sort of Alan Moore figure in Anime, he downplays other
      people’s hard work and lauds his own, while ignoring how much of his
      own work is derived from the culture he came from. It makes him a dick.”

      Yeah, some video clips would be appeciated. No, no. Not at all. It actually wouldn’t be appreciated. I don’t wanna think of Miyazaki being a dick. It seems incredibly un-proper-Japanese to say that you deserve everything good and that everyone else involved sucks. But….hey, if it happened, for the sake of truth, I would like to know. Wouldn’t wanna over-worship a particular person’s work if they’re actually selfish dicks. But I’d need proof. So….citation needed.

      I love Miyazaki’s films. It would HURT ME to have to accept that he’s a self-absorbed, selfish-@$$ person. But if it’s the truth, it’s the truth.

      Anyway, you’ve built up a lot. You’ve made a serious accusation. Please present your proof.

      • I wrote another comment a little lower. Most often the term used for him is not “dick”, it is “grump”. I am just really caustic, and hyperbolic in my speech.

        Edit: that might also be a cultural thing. His sternness might be seen by me as a little harsher than it is intended, and be less of an issue in Japan.

        Further edit: I have found that Alan Moore is so much worse that I now feel bad for making the comparison.

        • Sofie Liv

          I fail to see how making things that draws inspiration from other things is a dick move at all.

          That’s an artists process, you would be hard pressured to find ANY-THING that is not inspired or pays tribtues to some-thing else.

          That doesn’t matter, of course there is a difference between downright copying or being inspired.

          If you are being inspired, you take the idea, and go in a new directon, which is exactly what Miyazaki has done all along, his movies are all very unique and definetely his own creations that just started out being inspired from other works, like all good entertainment ever created.

          To even begin to understand his out-cry against otakus you need to realise that the word means two different things in the western culture and in Japan, in the western culture it means “Manga enthusiast.” those are not the people he is against, in Japan it means. “People who uses manga as a substitude for porn.” basically.. and it has now become so common placei n Japan that we in the western world gets surprised when there are not panti shots in the anime. That’s the thing that Miyazaki don’t like.

          And that’s why he did such a risky thing as co-founding a new studio in the first place two decades ago, to show to the world you don’t need that, by doing it himself, which is extremely brave and admirable of him, that was a gamble.

          I don’t know Miyazaki personally, so I would have zero idea if his a dick or not, but quite frankly, I don’t care! his work speaks for itself as being some of the most beautiful unqiue anime I have ever seen.

          Movies with the heart in the right place, that has some-thing to say, some very honest messages this man wants to give about being able to meet the world with childish wonder and not destroy it with adult cynism.

          His idea of feminism is also VERY welcome, and he has made exactly the kind of female leads the world needs. Every-thing he has stands for, I agree so much with.

          So.. no..

          Also I quite alan Moores work, that also speaks for itself a lot.. the man himself is kind of a weird hobo.. that’s pretty amusing to me.


    As for the “La Puta” reference? It’s taken from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Swift coined the phrase “Laputa” as a name of a flying island. Given the satirical nature of the book Swift probably knew what he was doing but alas Miyazaki naively copied the name as homage unaware of the double entendre.

    • Muthsarah

      In Japanese, “Laputa” means “rap song”. :p

  • Jerry Nava

    Pffffft “Laputa” xD

    I’m so sorry.

    (I am not).

    • Sofie Liv

      grow up.

      • danbreunig

        Both of you, Stop!

        I have no idea what caused all the animosity between you two that it spilled into what should have been an otherwise pleasant review. And I’m not concerned about who started what, or who’s more or less professional than whom, or the cleanliness or dirtiness in each other’s humor, or each other’s level of maturity or humor or lacks thereof.

        Nobody make the other either grow up or lighten up–
        You two MAKE UP. At least make an effort to reconcile, if not as colleagues then at least as friends.

        Guys, this really saddens me. Normally you both function well as a comedy duo, and well with others beyond just the two of you. Now I’m seeing real negativity that could have been resolved personally behind the scenes, and instead we all now see it where it needs to be least: in an outlet to spread humor and joy.

        And that negativity really rubs off. Jerry, Sofie, I don’t enjoy writing this. I really don’t want to criticize or snap at you. And I’m sure you don’t want to hear this coming from a fan. I want to support you each and both. I enjoy what you do and appreciate the work and love you put into your videos. PLEASE resolve whatever issue you have at hand.

        • Sofie Liv

          danbreunig.. There is litterately ZERO annomosity between me and Jerry.

          We have just been making fun of each other a lot on face-book recently, and I mean a lot.

          We have been trolling each other, and called each other names, and has gotten so comfortable with it that we don’t think about it.

          Because, none of it is meant to be in a mean spirit, me and Jerry are just, extremely good friends whom are so good friends that we feel downright comfortable trolling each other.

          You don’t need to worry, if this banter seems uncomfortable from an out-side perspective, that is extremely unfortunate! Because me and Jerry, we are just having so much fun together making good natured fun of each other and each others anthics.

          But really, we don’t hate each other at all, we have become really really good friends, and we wouldn’t banter like this at each other, if we didn’t think the other part could take it.

          Jerry KNOWS I was just joking, and I know he was just joking.. and we are sitting by each our laptop giggling about what we are writing.. seriously, that is all that is happening.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            That is really comforting – I mean, you really sold the animosity, that I really thought (even with the knowledge of this post I’m replying to right now) you were angry at him.

            Dayum, Sofie – that was such a dead-pan reaction, even Bruce Campbell would be jealous about. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            I was just reffering to my own video.. you know.. my joke about first telling people to grow up and then flip out over air pirates myself, course I just ALWAYS loved that concept.. that was kind of the joke here.. nothing else to it.. at all..

            I guess our banter has suddenly come so natural and second hand nature to us that other people can’t even tell whether its an act or not… Jerry, we got to make a comedy movie together some-time, we would be a brilliant duo!

            The Dane and the Mexican NO ONE UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD EITHER ONE IS SAYING!!!

          • danbreunig

            That last part…there was a fanfic comedy sketch I wanted to write just about that!
            Except it would involve all the Agony Anarchists, each speaking his/her own native language. The joke would be Renegado, Sofie, and Full Of Questions all easily understand each other’s Spanish, Danish, and Russian between themselves–and Mendo would be the odd one out because he doesn’t know anything the other three are saying. Which comically leads to “I’ll bet they’re all conspiring against me!” When they’re just discussing favorite ice cream flavors.

          • danbreunig

            Okay, *long* response time. If it sounds like I made too big a deal about this, just read on.

            I’m glad to hear that this really was all meant as a joke in good humor. And Sofie, as far as real acting goes, that opening part was technically perfect because I really believed that. While it works to great effect here, I could *not* enjoy the overall review otherwise just because of that.

            If a parent or teacher promises little old you a fun fantastic day on vacation or a field trip, you’re happy about what the day has in store. Then early in the day a slight misunderstanding occurs: Mom/Dad/Teacher gets dead serious and yells at you to behave and shape up, and then audaciously turns around and tells you and the other kids “c’mon, let’s go have fun on our happy day!” No matter how happy, joyful, friendly, or playful the whole remaining day becomes, you can’t enjoy any of it because that one negative moment at the start never leaves you. To top it off, when it’s over and you tell your parents/teacher that you didn’t enjoy the day meant to be fun for everyone, they show real surprise because they’re not aware that what they said to you long beforehand hurts you more than they intended. That’s the feeling I got from watching the video as a whole.

            There’s more to it. For one thing: lately the forums on this site (the forum for Solkir’s fairly recent review/commentary about racism inside and outside the comic industry is a prime example; another being the recent “I don’t like how those two non-U.S. reviewers talk” trolling) have spun into some very vicious threads. Even if those threads are irrelevant to what we’re talking about here, just reading what everyone writes without writing anything yourself, you can taste the virtual poison in the air.

            Plus on a more personal note (and this is the short version): this video might have been meant as pure overall humor, as I now see that was the intent–but this was too much of a reminder of one of my worst ever life experiences. I tried to join a school organization which was a fun and informal writers’ club–no one was paid, it was purely for the joy of the craft–and after asking several questions and making fully sure we all had our cards out on the table, making sure there were no misunderstandings, I thought I was welcome to join. Two days into it, the kind lovable teacher in charge took me into his office, closed the door and dropped into his lowest deadliest tone to inform me that the rest of the group had complaints about me and he was sick of the bullshit, when there was no indication of bullshit caused, and least of all from me because I made a point to not make waves. It was all pure simple misunderstanding at the core, and it should have ended with just that. But instead of a simple explanation and cordial dismissal, they wanted to add legal action to make me go, even when I left after the mix-up. What was meant to be a joyous group activity outlet was instead somewhat more professional than anyone informed me from the onset, even when I inquired about the group. The message I took away from that wasn’t “you tried your best, it didn’t work out, just keep trying here or elsewhere until you get it right”–instead it was “you tried your best, it didn’t work out, so stay out of where you don’t belong”. The whole experience made me even more socially awkward than before, even to the point of thinking that life isn’t about exploring opportunities, it’s about staying away to keep others happy. It still hasn’t completely left me.

            So what does that anecdote have to do with this video? It’s that I was afraid that I would see it happen all over again to someone else. This site is an excellent outlet for video producers, amateur and pro alike, and even when producers and fans disagree about anything, whether simple differences in pop culture tastes or real-life political/religious/government/life-choice issues, there’s always a remaining respect and camaraderie in the end. It’s what makes the Booth my favorite video review site. Really, I collectively think of all you guys on staff as the classmates I wish I had growing up.

            When I watched this review, the starting scene had that same dark tone from the recent dark threads from the other recent review forums, and the image of the friendly lovable host suddenly turned into deadly serious decency officer, and that this was the most displayed grievance in a regular video on this site–grievance that I would find only in a separate raw feed video where a reviewer could open up about a serious issue affecting him/her–and seen in sharp contrast to the rest of the fun review….

            I truly thought we reached the tipping point. Someone offended another, someone else felt the need to avoid making a separate raw feed commentary and stuck it into the otherwise fun review. And if there was a real-life conflict on display in such a video, it could have eventually lead to one or both members being asked to leave. That’s already happened on other sites, and I don’t want it to happen to any of you.

            So yes, I thought that was all real. You may think me gullible for believing it, but for all the real-life shit that’s happened around recently, there was enough to convince me that something really wasn’t right. To your credit, you did an excellent job portraying a comically fake behind-the-scenes conflict. To my discredit, I believed there was a real falling out. These comments about this are clearly more a reflection of me than you. As natural as my feelings were, I hope you can excuse me for so strong a reaction. I hope you two continue on well, both in video producing and in real life.

            As I said above, I couldn’t enjoy the video as a whole because of that “serious” part. There was something though that really touched me that’s positive enough for me to share:

            You said that if you could create and bring a childhood-level amount of joy to someone watching for a brief moment, that in itself makes all the work and art worthy of being. Not those words exactly, but that’s the feeling I got from you. I’m here writing today inside and outside these forums and with several reviewers and other fans on this site because of the fun I had watching your original Booth series. I can honestly say I’m here writing now because of that, and if I never shut up about the Red Suitcase Adventures, that’s why. It was that series that started my own creative juices flowing again. So Sofie, if you ever wonder about making that goal come true, I don’t think you should worry–as far as I’m concerned you already have.

            And that’s not just limited to one reviewer, although it may have started with one in particular. I want to see more from you too, Jerry/Renegado, and I’m glad to see you had a recent comeback, and with Lupa to boot. The individual and collective humor is quite infectious–it’s what got me started in those fanarts, as well another project I’m working on that’s been at a standstill due to some real life events. I have a group drawing ready to email to both of you and three of your other colleagues, since it involves them as well. Hopefully you’ll get the joke behind it. :)

            Hm, shifting tones, thought overflow, drawing from life, lessons learned, acknowledged artists, creative input, pure length…
            I think I can finally cross “write a book someday” off my list.

          • Sofie Liv

            I am very sorry to hear that.. it was just a joke, and as you can see above. Jerry was compleately in on it, we have a good relationship where we communicate well with each other.

            I do not put personal attacks in my videos, I would never ever do that. Because I don’t want my videos to be that kind of uncomfortable bull-shit.
            I try not to make any personal attacks any-where, because I think that is low-life behaviour.

            This is quite difficult though, we don’t want to just stop our banting.

            First of all, we just have fun doing it, and as Jerry pointed out.. that’s just how we kind of communicate between the two of us.

            Second of all, we both agree there lies a lot of comedic oppertunities in it we want to bring into the videos.

            And well, lots of our comedy routines relies solely on snark and bantering, just like most other comedians and enternet video producers.

            This is not even the first time me and Jerry has made stabs at each other, though admittedly, though other times were on direct cross-overs where we both appeared in the same video.. But I guess, since I wrote an entire video which was basically just all about me sexually harrasing Jerry (for joke purposes.) and Jerry just said. “OKAY!” … all hindrances has been gone for us.

            That does sound like an absolutely horrible exsperience.

            There is just nothing.. nothing worse in the world, than really really wanting some-thing, work as hard as you can for it, thinking you did all you could, and then is basically told to go suck it for it.

            That’s heart shattering. Not only that, but be stamped an out-cast and just “none-worthy.” by others, it hurts so bad, right in the chest area doesn’t it?

            Had it happened to me, I would have gone home, laid down in bed, and cry the entire night. No doubt about it.
            Feeling like you are just not good enough for people and your dreams.. hurts like hell.

            All I can tell you is that, yes it hurts.. you can’t make it stop hurting with a snap of a finger, it feels just awful
            There is no point to even trying to turn it off, you can’t.

            But you don’t have to worry about us here on the Booth, we are all taking good care of each other.

            We communicate with each other and talk well with each other, we banter a lot, but that’s only because we are having such a blast together and have become such good friends.

            This site means a lot to us as a safe-zone as well, and none of us wants it to turn into a uncomfotable place, we just want things to work so we can continue having this much fun and enjoyment out of it!

            Thing though is here on the booth, we cannot really control what stranger comes to our videos and comment sections.

            This is the open enternet, and we are a.. sort of popular entertainment site, trolls cannot be avoided.

            Every-body on the site has stories, every-body here has been called things. But you do not need to worry about it.

            We all learned how to deal with it, we talk about it to each other and we even make fun of it with each other while exchanging stories. That is really all we can do.

            And for me and Jerry, there is just nothing at all the worry about. We are having such a blast together, and either would be really sad to see the other go, I am quite sure.

            We are talking about the next cross-over right now as we speak.. Cross-over of yet another dreams works movie.. a shitty dream works movie.. with mexicans and Tacos in it, which totally means Jerry has to help me review it! (After I made him see it, I got some banter right back in my face about that one, there’s so little reason for that movie to exist, and I am sure Jerry would have been a much happier person if he hadn’t seen it… I’m sorry.. not really.)

            That was another joke. We are looking very much forward to future work and cross-overs together. Isn’t that right Jerry?

          • danbreunig

            Well, thank you.
            And don’t worry, this one’s far shorter.

            I wasn’t trying to become upset about something that really wasn’t there.
            But that opening looked so damn real. In addition to the other factors I described (“how could you not see the joke there, Dan?”), I realized something else. Video-wise, I’ve seen a couple of your videos outside of the Booth when you were at your most serious and real, even angry and upset. In this video your display was so close to the real thing in that vlog that it told me “wait, she means it, she’s not acting this time”–although it turned out that’s exactly all it was, an act.

            I’m glad to hear that you and your partners can really click in and out of the workplace. That’s a dream of my own, to earn my way into such a performing arts community, online or otherwise. Not this one, just something similar and in my league.

            Thank you so much for your patience; this was really unbecoming of me, I know. At the risk of imposing on hospitality, I still have that fanart to send to you, Jerry and the others. And if your email still works (I’m not on Facebook or Twitter so I can’t send anything that way) I’ll also send you an update of the other project. There’s some substantial news to report about it.

          • Sir, we may not know each other; but, let me just say that I definitely know what that feels like to constantly try to fit in to places where you either feel like or are outright told that you don’t belong (even if they don’t always say that to your face) and that scenario you just wrote is something that even I struggle with even to this day as an adult. I’ve been there before

            But with all due respect, even I could tell this was something meant to be played for laughs (even if it did sound like something serious, at first)

            Let’s remember one thing: these folks who do these kinds of videos and make up these skits are no different than what you’d see in professional wrestling. It’s all an act.

            Believe me, I went through the exact same emotions that you went through when you watched that review at one point. I have watched many a movie and/or TV show and there have been times where I’ve actually found myself getting emotionally invested into what was on screen. Eventually, I learned that it wasn’t the case with what I had to watch.

            As both of the critics/reviewers have said, it’s for comedy (even it deals in black comedy). Nothing of what was said was meant to be taken seriously.

            However if Ms. Liv and/or Mr. Nava/Renegado were to go through the kind of breakdown that The Spoony One went through, then there would be cause for concern, here.

            (Yes, I know that I’m responding to a comment that you’ve made a month after the fact and that most everyone knows by now that it was all a joke. But, I just had to say something since I didn’t get the chance to say it earlier).

            Anyway, I’ve given my 2 cents on this mess .I’m not trying to be a smart-ass know-it-all type. I just needed to get it all out of my system.

            Forgive me.

          • danbreunig

            Thank you for your response and encouragement, as well as your own example. It’s tough enough when it happens(ed), and more so when there’s no support for you to carry you past that time.

            I’ve already over-explained myself; if you read all my posts in this forum (including those unrelated to this particular point), you’ll get a better understanding where I’m coming from.

            And yes, I occasionally expect the playful bantering between Renegado and Sofie, and between their other colleagues as well; it’s kind of their schtick. What set this occasion apart from the rest was that there was no upfront indication this was one more scripted joke; they were convincing enough that I could believe there was something wrong in their real life.

            I’ve been a fan of theirs and so many other Boothers since they made their respective debuts on this site, so by now I know how each operates according to his/her own style. It’s just this one time when I was really scared for them because that intro was too believable to be fake and too reminiscent of other events, some personal, which told me this could not be a joke this time. It’s all been cleared up now.

            As for the Spoony incident–I knew nothing about it at the time. I just kept hearing his name brought up a lot and I learned what happened just through a lot of backtracking. Perish the thought that it could happen again, and here. Fortunately most who post reviews and communicate here and elsewhere are well behaved and respectful. This wasn’t a shit-hit-the-fan moment; but this video’s start had the makings for it, if there were any truth in it.

            And hey Kevin, you don’t have to worry about late comments. I’d rather forums wouldn’t become so immediately dated so that you can go back to them a year or two later and they still have relevance. Thanks for writing in about this; you got it out of your system more properly than I did when this discussion began.

          • I should be thanking YOU. It’s not every day that when I write about something that’s on my mind, it gets a response that’s intelligent, nice and… well that’s about it.

            When I actually started out on the Internet (in terms of making accounts for various websites here and there), I’ve run into at least 3-4 instances involving people who either didn’t bother to read what I wrote or merely skimmed to the parts where they saw something they didn’t like resort to anger-laden insults with lots of profanity

            Or in most recent cases that I’ve had, offer me advice on what I should or shouldn’t do or say in the most back-handed, snide, “You should’ve known how to do this and this earlier” manner.

            Those kind of responses anger me the most. So to see comments like the one you posted in response to mine, it continues to reinforce the notion that I’ve had in the back of my head that not everyone on the World Wide Web are either full of themselves smug a-holish types or people who want to shut you up just because you dared to say something that they did not want to hear.

            Unless of course you were being a butt-wipe to them in the first place who deserves it.

        • Jerry Nava

          Don’t worry amigo, Sofie and I are fine :)

          That’s literally how we get along, if there’s any animosity between our characters it is because we intended it to be, it’s fun and it’s great set up for working together in crossovers later, but we are still really good friends with each other in reality, I’m really sorry if it came off as something other than that.

          Please don’t worry about us, remember this is just silly videos on the internet, cheers!

          • danbreunig

            Thanks so much Reneg…Jerry. I’m really feeling better now after honestly being as shook up as I was.

            Just read my LONG post below and that’ll tell you what and how I was thinking.

  • maarvarq

    Time taken for Sofie’s mature facade to crack = 2 minutes :-)

    • Sofie Liv

      AIR PIRATES!!!!! :D

      • Muthsarah


        • Sofie Liv


          ….. my god I need to write that book and make millions o_O

          • danbreunig

            Jules beat you to it. Or he at least he got the “seamen on a flying ship with rotors instead of sails” started. Think 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea…in the air…run by Robur The Conqueror…aka Captain Nemo wannabe…


            Space Pirates would be a step up, though. So go for it!

  • Egil Hellá

    This is what happens when you let Jesse Pinkman name your city and by the way have you seen Wolf Children ? because you really should