Labyrinth (1986) (part 4 of 4)

Sarah lands in what appears to be a big garbage dump right outside the Goblin City. There’s junk for miles around. I guess the goblins haven’t learned about recycling.

She accidentally lands on a pile of garbage that turns out to be an old goblin lady, who wanders around with a huge pile of old stuff on her back. It’s kind of like an especially disturbing episode of Hoarders.

Labyrinth (1986) (part 4 of 4)

Disoriented, Sarah follows the Trash Lady into a replica of her room back home. While Sarah tries to remember what the hell she was looking for, Trash Lady attempts to distract Sarah by giving her all her old toys to play with—like stuffed animals that smell like mold, and old games that are now unplayable since most of the pieces are gone. At least, that’s how it is in my attic.

But Sarah sees through this ruse as well. She proclaims that everything here is junk, and that she has to find Toby!

I’d like to think this whole sequence is a metaphor for choosing authentic, human relationships over crass consumerism and self-identification through external objects. That way, I don’t have to read the latest Eckhart Tolle book.

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Multi-Part Article: Labyrinth (1986)

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  • Tyche

    Sweetness.  I love this movie even after all these years.  Good times…

  • RE: Page 2 about the worm: I always assumed the intent was that the worm assumed that Sarah was trying to get *out* of the Labyrinth and back home (having, presumably, now lost the door courtesy of endless corridor) and not to the Goblin King, because the Goblin King is evil and why would anyone want to go there.

    • Mike

      Possibly, but another possibility is that no one goes *either* way. That every way could lead straight to the castle or no way could because the nature of labyrinth is a only consistent in it’s inconsistency.

      It’s lack the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland who says “Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never, ever jam today.