Koch Brothers Seek Comic Geniuses For Rightwing Improv Troupe

Koch Brothers Seek Comic Geniuses For Rightwing Improv TroupeWell this sounds like a regular gut-buster of comedic hilarity: Koch Industries, the legitimate business side of Charles and David Koch’s rightwing empire, is looking to put together an improv troupe, which ought to be just about the funniest development in comedy since the invention of the diesel powered whoopee cushion. New York magazine has the skinny on an ad posted at a New York improv theater Thursday:

aspiring comedians were offered the opportunity to be involved in a “travel gig” later this month. “Koch Industries wants to identify current and emerging social and economic issues and the underlying emotional drivers and motivations behind them,” said the vague casting notice, via the branding company Firefly.

We bet that’s going to be some primo comedic comedy!

The advertisement has few specifics:

Project: Still being developed: Koch Industries wants to identify current and emerging social and economic issues and the underlying emotional drivers and motivations behind them. This research project will take a cross-section of people, ask questions, and then based on the answers, the improvisers will perform scenes.

Dates: Either the week of 4/21 or 4/28

Talent Needed:

One Team Leader

Four-Five Additional Team Members

One Note Taker

One Videographer

We can only imagine what sort of funny improv games they’ll do — possibly something where the performers will pick up various amusing props and use them to act out scenes of how big government stifles their creativity? Or reinterpret a movie scene, only in a world where high taxation has made it impossible for people to develop to their full potential? Scenes From an Asshat? Or they could approach things from a positive perspective — improvise an Irish Drinking Song about how freedom from burdensome regulations would help you create economic opportunities?

There’s going to be a videographer, so keep your eyes peeled for some funny free-market high jinks to make their way to YouTube soon!

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  • JaaaaaCeeeee

    Yes, even though Pete Peterson’s 2013 fake flash mobs (each got $65) petered out because lame, mutilating Aretha’s ‘Freedom’ for debt hawksterism, more money, this time from the Koch brothers, should work.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQM2ZWUtMvY

    • this, right here. this. is. the. worst. thing. ever.

  • AncienReggie

    So a coal mine, a tumor and a rabbi walk into a bar …

  • Dragoon21b

    imagine actually going waiting to audition for hours in an agonizingly uncomfortable plastic chair until some overdressed assistant leads you into a dim room where the Koch brothers are sitting in a pair of high back antique chairs…and a headsman standing in the back corner”now…make us laugh”

  • redarmyzombie

    I imagined, for a moment, what such a comedy troupe would look like.Part of my soul died in the process…

  • Roket

    Um, since the underlying emotional driver and motivation is obviously anger will it be called Anger Comedy?

  • motmelere

    Why don’t they just hire those ‘homeless’ party-goers that specialize in foreclosures? Those folks are hilarious!

  • RushLimba

    Pat Sajack is looking to get back into comedy since CBS turned down his bid to get :”The Late Show” back.

  • Northern Isaac

    This immediately reminded me (because of the picture) of Tuomari Nurmio, and the music video for Lasten mehuhetki. The song is about a badly behaving birthday boy/girl having been taken away by the black angel during the celebrations. Clearly an allegory for modern GOP, one way or another!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSQotdIP2P0