Knight Rider “Trust Doesn't Rust” (part 3 of 4)

Meanwhile, KARR is speeding down a mysteriously vacant city street, with two cop cars in tow. Tony and Rev are suddenly pleading with him to slow down, this being their first ride at such high speeds. KARR, however, is determined to not go back to the slammer, and so he refuses to stop. Eventually, KARR manages to pull far enough ahead that he’s able to lose the cops.

Cut to Knight, still trying to talk KITT into being upset over the existence of KARR, and KITT still not biting. As they’re driving, they hear about the incident at the drive-thru on the police scanner. And this bit shows us that Knight actually has the magical gift of precognition. How do I know? Well, while they’re driving, Knight, apropos of nothing, rubs his chin and then asks KITT to activate the police scanner. Just in time to hear about the incident at the drive-thru! That was lucky timing, huh?

Safely parked in an alley, KARR gives manual control back to Tony and Rev. The two winos discuss returning KARR to Knight Industries. But KARR doesn’t want to go back, of course.

Rev, acting again as the conscience of the pair, really wants to take KARR back, but Tony, the “brains” of the outfit, decides to use KARR for no good. His idea is something along the lines of, “if we’re going to live on the edge, let’s do it for something worthwhile, not just breakfast!” Might as well get your money’s worth for that felony rap! Like thirty sliders, five fries

Rev doesn’t really have the courage of his convictions at this point, so he’s easily won over to Tony’s point of view.

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Trust Doesn't Rust"

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