Knight Rider “Trust Doesn't Rust” (part 2 of 4)

Later on, Devon, Bonnie, and Michael are in Devon’s office at the Knight Foundation. Knight is a bit angry with Devon, since Devon never told him about the other car.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

“Must… resist… Hoff! Must…”

Devon explains that six months before Michael Long was found in the desert with his face shot off, Wilton Knight activated his prototype crime-fighting super vehicle: KARR, or Knight Automated Roving Robot. This first car, however, had a fatal flaw. The car didn’t have “preservation of human life” programming; rather, its only instinct was self-preservation. Yeah, that was a good idea.

Sheesh, Wilton, read much? Heck, don’t live under a rock much? Doesn’t everybody know about the three laws? Granted, you won’t learn much about the laws from the movie, either.

Wilton Knight had KARR deactivated when KITT was built and Michael Knight (née Michael Long) was rescued in the desert. Devon thought that Wilton had gone further, ordering KARR dismantled, but obviously not. Bottom line, KARR is on the loose, which is a bad thing, and so now Knight and KITT must find a way to stop him.

Funny how KARR is a black Trans-Am, the exact make and model of Michael Long’s car, that was subsequently turned into KITT, isn’t it? Man, that’s just a spooky coincidence, huh? Don’t think about it too hard.

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Trust Doesn't Rust"

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