Knight Rider “Trust Doesn't Rust” (part 1 of 4)

It’s time to catch up again with Michael Knight, KITT, Devon, and Bonnie, in this, my latest Knight Rider recap. I’m skipping forward a few episodes, to view the highest-rated first season episode—according to IMDb voters, anyway.

Breaking with the pattern of the episodes we’ve seen so far, this week’s episode doesn’t involve lonely divorcees, adorable moppets, rock climbing, or erudite bikers. Instead, in an incredibly apt twist for the Agony Booth, this is the episode where we learn that KITT has an evil twin!

No, goatees are not involved. This time. Gonna have to wait for the first episode of the second season for that, I’m afraid…

This episode is fun, folks. The writers had a ball, the special guest voice work is a blast, and the stunts are great. There are some continuity issues, which we’ll see later, but let’s face it, stuff like that makes episodes like these even more enjoyable for people like us. Right?


So, without further delay, let’s look at the eighth episode of the first season, “Trust Doesn’t Rust”!

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Trust Doesn't Rust"
TV Show: Knight Rider

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