Knight Rider “Knight of the Phoenix” (part 4 of 4)

Post-race, Knight meets with Tanya and Wilson, implying that he’s willing to sell KITT. How could a gang of industrial spies resist? Well, they can’t, so they arrange to meet Knight later at the same bar where Maggie used to work.

After dropping Maggie and Buddy off at their place, Knight finds another phone booth to ring up Devon again. This time, he leaves the driver side door open, and guess who happens by? It’s comic relief time again! The guys just leave their car on the street, hop into KITT, and commit Grand Theft Auto. Knight drops the phone and rushes out, but to no avail. They get away.

The Comic Relief dudes go out on a bit of a rampage, weaving in and out of traffic, doing donuts in intersections, and generally drawing all kinds of attention to themselves. KITT takes over, rendering the Comic Relief dudes helpless passengers. KITT outdoes the Comic Relief dudes in terms of illegal, reckless driving, jumping over a group of cars blocking the road, going over 100 MPH on city streets, and doing his own donuts in an intersection. During the donuts, black Comic Relief dude’s stunt double is clearly driving the car, even though KITT is supposed to be doing that. If you want to really nitpick, the steering wheel in the car is a real steering wheel, instead of the yoke KITT usually sports.

Ultimately, KITT pulls up to a parked cop car, opens his totally bitchin’ T-top roof, and uses the ejector seats to sproing the Comic Relief dudes onto the hood of the cop car. Complete with a cheesy slide-whistle sound effect.

Knight Rider "Knight of the Phoenix" (part 4 of 4)

Pretty neat setup, since the seats don’t actually come out, just the occupants. How does that work, exactly? The Comic Relief dudes crash through the window of the cop car, but somehow that doesn’t actually come through to the inside of the car. The cops just look at each other with a “whaa?” look on their faces.

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Mark M. Meysenburg

Mark teaches at Doane College, a liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska. Most of his teaching involves computer science, but Mark also occasionally teaches mathematics and the history of science; he has also been known to offer three week courses on the worst movies ever made. Mark's bad movie obsession was kindled in the early 1980s by the Medved brothers, then fanned to full flame by late-night showings of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Who could have predicted the long term effects of satin-pajama-clad, mincing alien menace? Mark's other interests include homebrew beer and wine, and practicing and teaching martial arts.

Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Knight of the Phoenix"
TV Show: Knight Rider

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  • OKR Fan

    There is a missing scene in the second part. I recall seeing KITT put into a truck to be taken back to the foundation yet this appears nowhere in the pilot episode.

  • Casandro

    Well 2 little Nitpicks. First of all those red lights were made to look like light-bulbs, LEDs wouldn’t have faded that nicely. Back then LEDs stood for quick digital displays without delays.

    Then microprocessors are still used today. The CPU inside your computer is a microprocessor just like the ones in your C64… just a considerably larger one since 30 years have passed and microprocessors are now developed with much greater resources. The term was used to differentiate micro-computers (which were just a few boards) from mini-computers (which occupied a whole rack and had the microprocessor spread out to multiple chips).

    BTW Hasselhoff recently talked about a few women in east Berlin in the late 1980s (when the wall fell) and they didn’t know Knight Rider. I did some research and the reason why that is is simple and astounding. Knight Rider didn’t air on West German television until the 1990s, and most places in East Germany only got West German TV. (It neither aired on East German TV, but that was communistic anyhow) If you wanted to see that show in West Germany, you had to turn to a Luxembourgian channel called RTLplus which aired a German dub, or if you lived in the Southern half and were lucky, you could watch it on Austrian television.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Erm – not that correct. Knight Rider was aired in Germany mid-80s (1985 to be exact) via RTL-plus, which later became just “RTL”.