Knight Rider “Deadly Maneuvers” (part 2 of 3)

Ladd and Knight split up to do some more investigating. She heads off to check out her dad’s quarters, while Knight goes to check out his office. At this point, Knight decides that he’ll need some sort of disguise in order to do that, which makes sense, in our universe anyway. In Knight’s universe, on “Engelhart”, nobody seems to care that he’s walking all over base, in and out of offices. Whatever. He needs a costume, so he bribes the owner of the local roach coach, and tries to enter the building dressed as a snack vendor.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

”Is that a foot long?” ”And then some!”

A couple of MPs intercept him before he can get inside though, and notice that he’s not the normal snack dude. They start to hassle him about not having the proper paperwork, just because that’s the kind of things MPs do. Cops are pigs, no matter what uniforms they wear, man!

Ahem. Note to all of you policemen and policewomen out there: Just kidding! I love the police!

The MPs march Knight into the office of another officer, one Major Rainey. (Wouldn’t that be a great name for a TV weatherman?) Rainey digs through Knight’s wallet, and finds all of the faux business cards that Knight uses on his missions.

Like the mission he was supposed to be on before he started wandering around an Army base? Like that one?

I get a chuckle here, because one of the business cards lists Knight as a qualified Swedish masseuse! That’s yet another reason why the chicks dig him, I guess. KITT probably has a fold out massage table feature, plus a jet that spews warm, scented oil.

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Deadly Maneuvers"

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  • Very nice analysis of the episode. But, you forgot to mention that Lt. Ladd wasn’t wearing underwear in the scene where she was locked in the tank. Check out the scene where she appears to be agonizingly trying to open the locked tank door, just before Knight frees her. LOL