Knight Rider “Good Day at White Rock” (part 2 of 3)

Meanwhile, a gang of rather clean-cut bikers on Honda motorcycles rolls into White Rock, accompanied by a cover rendition of “Born to be Wild”. That’s original. Knight, having dropped Davey/Bobby off, passes them on the way out of town, but he pays them no notice. They really don’t look all that threatening when you get right down to it.

The Honda-riding gang happens upon Lonny, still preening over his awesome van. Lonny sort of digs his own grave here with, “Hey, you guys going to some sort of a costume party?” The gang roughs up Lonny’s van pretty good, while Lonny, as bullies are wont to do when finally confronted, cowers off to the side like a little girl. Where’s your precious sheriff now, huh, Lonny?

Caption contributed by Mark M.

No, the guy in the foreground isn’t peeing on the van.

Lonny and Donny cringe while the gang destroys the van. They break out all the windows, even the heart-shaped one on the side, and I’m sure they also tear up the mattress that you just know is in the back of the van.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

“If only Bonnie was here!”

We’re not really sure if the gang goes after Lonny and Donny after they’re done with the van, because just as the destruction is reaching its climax, the scene shifts to…

…Rock-climbing! Yay! Or at least, Knight getting ready for rock-climbing. KITT, whom we haven’t really heard much from yet in this episode, begins to worry about Knight’s safety. He even asks Knight to give him instructions on what to do if Knight doesn’t return from the climb.

Knight reassures KITT that he’s not planning on falling to his death, and heads off for the mountain. KITT, finally catching on to the whole “vacation” idea, decides to get a little sun by raising the glass panels of his T-Top roof. Hope he remembered to use sunscreen. Mock-suede upholstery burns in a hurry!

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Good Day at White Rock"

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