Knight Rider “Good Day at White Rock” (part 1 of 3)

Let’s return again to the wonderful world of 1982, and drop in again on Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff, natch) and his indestructible, talking Trans-Am. It’s another Knight Rider recap! I know it may seem like my last Knight Rider article was posted in the 1980s as well. Sorry about that! But no worries—what I lack in punctuality I more than make up for with a deficiency of timeliness.

“A Good Day at White Rock”, the third episode in the series, provides a neat little counterpoint to the previous episode, “Deadly Maneuvers”. In some respects, “Deadly Maneuvers” seemed to overreach. The episode promised a lot: Murder! Explosions! Conspiracy! Tanks! Nuclear freakin’ weapons! And yet, the budget couldn’t pay for most of that. Surely you remember the end results, right? No? Car crashes that were heard but not seen? The Army firing range that was “realized” through thirty year old stock footage? And the list goes on.

“A Good Day at White Rock”, on the other hand, doesn’t set its sights so high. The plot is nowhere near as serious or grandiose, and so it’s an episode that could be filmed without its limited budget becoming obvious. “Deadly Maneuvers” talked a good game but couldn’t deliver, while this episode is more modest and unassuming; to my mind, that makes it a better episode.

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Multi-Part Article: Knight Rider "Good Day at White Rock"
TV Show: Knight Rider

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