The Knick: gory, creepy, yucky, amazing


If there’s anything that creeps me out and gives me nightmares, it’s hearing about actual real-world surgical procedures and practices back in the late eighteen/early nineteen hundreds. That’s undoubtedly exactly what Cinemax is counting on with its new original series The Knick.

Debuting tonight, The Knick is set in the year 1900 in the surgical wing of a less-than-respected hospital in New York City. From the opening scene, a mix of fear and morbid fascination has you in a heightened emotion state. From there, it’s all too easy for a master director like Steven Soderbergh to captivate you with his storytelling. Throw in an intense and commanding Clive Owens in the lead role, and it’s almost overkill.


Soderbergh–who did Erin Brockovich, Traffic, and Ocean’s Eleven–is directing all 10 episodes of Season 1. Beyond the medical, the show also dives into the deep end of racism and drug addiction, all with passion and heart.

Holy shit do the critics love this show. If you appreciate the golden age of intensely character-driven television we’re currently living it, this is probably a great show for you to binge watch on DVD in a few months. Because seriously, who the fuck has Cinemax?

Cinemax > HBO > Time Warner

(Photo credit: Mary Cybulski/HBO)

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