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Cheapy loves him some John Goodman, which is why it pains him to review King Ralph, where Goodman plays an American lounge singer who becomes King of England after a freak accident wipes out the entire Royal Family. Full of rampant stereotyping of Brits and Americans, it’s a one-joke comedy that quickly degenerates into shameless Burger King tie-ins and covers of overplayed Little Richard songs.

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  • Sofie Liv

    Isn’t that the actress who went on to play Jackie Tyler in Doctor who?
    Huh, she looked fine in her younger days.

    Never got around to watch this movie, but you know watching those clips I can’t help but sort of like the “Overly big british.” stereo type, it’s the kind of British people, people whom has never ever been to Britten writes.¬† Really stuck up noisy tea drinkers, the whole lot… Don’t ask me why, but I find that continuous treatment very very funny. I keep on seeing stuck up elderly men in striped suites leaning back in their chair with a cup of tea saying. “This is moooost unorthodox.” with the thickest British accent.

    Oh yeah, Barry Goodman is always lovely, he is one of those actors.. people, who just have an aura of “nice.” you look at him and assume he is nice and you want to root for him.
    Other actors with the “nice.” aura, Bill Bixby, Evan McGreagor and Colin firth, I’m sure there’s a lot more.

    Are you going to review “The Borrowers.” some day.. It’s freaking weird watching Goodman being the villain in that one.
    I mean yeah, he can be scary due to his seize and intensity in acting, just some selected scenes from Roxanne.. but he has the aura of nice, it’s difficult buying that he’s evil money man.

    Enjoyed the review ūüôā

    • ¬†Yeah, that’s Rose’s mum. Back earlier this year, I went to the Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles, and she was one of the guests. I ended up getting her autograph on my copy of this movie, because I’m strange that way. ūüôā

    • Liam Barrett

      I thought I recognized her, but I wasn’t sure until somebody else pointed it out to me.

      As for The Borrowers, I’d love to do it, but I’m really a slave to my theme. If I can find it for ¬£1.00 or less, it’s in.

  • Joelkazoo

    You forgot the cricket scene, where Ralph turned it into a baseball game.

    I remember this as being the only time CRACKED Mazagine did a film parody right, by having the stripper role recast as Roseanne…that didn’t sound right at all.

    I like your reviews, keep them coming! 

    • Liam Barrett

      Yeah, it was difficult not to discuss the Cricket scene, but I have this rule that even with BAD movies, I won’t reveal absolutely EVERYTHING about the movie, otherwise I don’t think anyone has much reason to watch them afterwards. And yeah, I even take that into consideration with BAD flicks.

  • I can’t quite bring myself to hate this film. I saw it back when it first came out, and I, too, was quite fond of John Goodman. And any film with him, Peter O’Toole, Richard Griffiths, John Hurt, Julian Glover and Camile Coduri can’t be all THAT bad. Though this one does come pretty close.

    • Liam Barrett

      That’s fair enough. As I said, without them, this would have been FAR worse.

  • Fish Eye no Miko

    3:45:¬† “Is that a penis….?”¬† I think it’s a hand giving the middle finger, actually.

    • Liam Barrett

      I thought that might be the case, but sod it, penis is funnier, even though the finger drawning would be slightly more redundant.

  • Ed Wong Hau Wuncler IV

    The Spotted Dick thing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to¬†British food (Yeah I’m¬†British and I know about the Boondocks. Surprise Surprise!)¬†Imagine the jokes they could have had if they used faggots as a running joke! Pollock however wouldn’t make it across the pond seeing how it’s a British swear it¬†vaguely sounds like. A few years ago they actually changed the names of Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard and Pollock to Colin (pronounced Co-lan, some French translation of the word or some shit like that) but they kept faggots and cock-a-leekie soup the same! Aren’t we just¬†a¬†selectivly offended nation?!
    Honestly, if I don’t see javelin darts as an event at the London Olympics, I’ll be pissed off!
    Plus, nice to see you on here Cheap Arse. I saw some of your vids on Reviewtopia and liked what I saw. Hope you’ve settled in here well.

    • Liam Barrett

      Cheers, settled in very well here now

  • Jeff Bradford

    Ooohhh your first negative review on Agony Booth, nice. If you want another movie that John Goodman actually made better, and if you haven’t seen it, Death Sentence is a very good watch. Til then, I will say that you actually did say “The King is Dead” Now Long live the King!

    • Liam Barrett

      I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about Death Sentence. Either way, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • Kev

    I pretty much have to agree with this one. I just thought it was another lame comedy from the early 90’s but I can’t really hate it.¬†John Goodman and Peter O’Toole did a great job under the circumstances and John Hurt was good as usual and Camille Coduri in this very film is the reason I’m attracted to English women.

    If I’m channel surfing and it’s on, and I’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, I’ll watch it.

    • Liam Barrett

      It’s decent late-night fodder, I’ll give it that much.

  • A47

    John Goodman called it a ‘turd’ when he discussed it in public while it was in release. And Peter O’Toole would take any shitty role for drinking money.¬†

  • MichaelANovelli

    But if O’Toole can’t produce an heir, then isn’t Goodman still the rightful king?¬† I mean, he is still a duke at the end…

    • Liam Barrett

      He’s still, I believe, the next in line, although the movie would really rather you didn’t think about things this much…

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    Thanks for this. I’ve never seen it even by accident. Now I know to avoid it. My own favourite John Goodman role is Big Dan Teague in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, a semi-straight role.

    Sofie: “Isn’t that the actress who went on to play Jackie Tyler in Doctor who? Huh, she looked fine in her younger days. ” If you’re old enough (I’m five years younger than her) she still IS fine!

  • romanl123

    Finland has no king…Finland needs no King.
    Finland never had a King since becoming a souvereign nation.

    • doogledoggy

      Finland had a king for about a month after independence. So, in theory relatives of that person could be considered pseudo Finnish royal family, but with no power or anything what-so-ever.

      • romanl123

        There was a brief attempt to elect a German royal as King when Finland became independent in 1918, however this attempt was¬†abandoned¬†even before he could move to Finland. So I doubt that his relatives would have any authority to appear as “King of Finland” in front of the British crown in the 90’s.

  • StevePotter

    ….that ending was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on the Agony Booth

  • vermes

    If this movie has a King of Finland that would mean that Germany won the First World War.