VIDEO: The King of Fighters (2010)

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Renegado reviews The King of Fighters, a video game adaption starring Ray Park and Maggie Q that didn’t even get released in theaters. But is it worth checking out?

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  • drslump

    Love the kof games even if sf fans consider them “rip-offs”. Glad I never watched this garbage.

    • Jerry Nava

      Yup, it’s skippable at best, tho it’s fun seeing Ray Park having fun, not enough to warrant a full viewing tho.

  • Randolph Quazalpene

    Before I rage, i’d like to say TY for suffering through this, not many have. your my hero!!

    RUGAL ON ROLLER BLADES = HATE HATE HATE; Rugal is rich Eccentric, not an ass hat. I’m a massive KoF fan, I seriously love it and thinks been kind of overlooked as one the main drivers for better fighting engines over the years as it competed with SF and MK

    I didn’t even mind most of the cast selection. Make no mistake I like ray park, given half a chance I think he could carry a movie , but his character and dialog writing…ukk not bad ass Rugal from the games, just annoying not threatening, hell Toad was more threatening in Xmen and park had a lot fun there too.. White kyo…um…sure I gues…and I saw no Terry in this movie >>denial<<.

    BUT if this movie had half the Love and attention that SF the movie, or MK the movie (or hell even the DoA movie) got it would be cheesy and fun. This movie is NIETHER of these, its painful to watch, its camera work is sickening, its plot is just a trainwrek (though I guess at least it was trying to different than most fighting game movies), and looks just cheap cheap cheap.. Seriously, Bloodrain is almost better, and guess who did that… This is basically Dragon Evolution with 1 peso more of budget and some better cast

    • Jerry Nava

      I wouldn’t say this movie has a bigger budget than DBE, that one had a CGI monkey, this movie’s biggest special effect were a force field and a car being thrown in the air xD

      And I know right? Why is it they complicate so much over making a movie about a fighting game franchise? The plot is already there! Tournament! They’ve done it in the past, it worked wonders for the Mortal Kombat movie, so why not the rest?

      And I liked Ray Park as Rugal here, he was fun, sure he wasn’t Rugal but Rugal has never been my favorite KOF vilian to begin with, my favorite “saga” is the one in the early 2000s with NESTS, now those guys were something.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Ah, Jerry, I see you too are a fan of Spoony!

    Feels weird seeing a review of King of Fighters without wanting to have sex with the host.



    • danbreunig

      Well, Mendo, he *did* rock a slick suit while dancing the Macarena.

    • Jerry Nava

      I’m really not a fan of Spoony man, but you already know this xD

      Yeah, let’s leave the sexual attraction to the other guy please <_<

  • StevePotter

    You haven’t seen Ray Park in a speaking role before? No “X-Men”?

    • Jerry Nava

      Nope, haven’t seen a single X-Men movie yet xD

  • TheCrazyFish

    So… Kyo Kusanagi… despite having a totally Japanese looking dad… is a whtie bread American? Seriously, he doesn’t even look like he’s half-Japanese! What the Hell?